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Worried about my cake!

Okay, do you guys watch these cake shows?  Is it me, or do they not wear hair nets or wash their hands enough?  They touch doors and tools and tables then they start making the cake.  Ugh... gross.  I even see the guy on Amazing Wedding Cakes touching his hair and his face and nose then decorating the cake.  Like really? That is so gross.  I have actually seen one talking to the camera while they were doing the cake and spit flew on the cake.  I was like did no one else see this... Oh then on one episode the cake slid off the box it was on, in the car onto the floor and hit her tool box.  They fixed it... ewww.  I do not want a cake that is on the floor of anyone's car.  who knows whats on the floor. It just grosses me out.

Re: Worried about my cake!

  • I'm really odd in that not a lot grosses me out. On a cake, spit and boogers would get me. Hair and unwashed hands...not so much. I'm sure a lot of food you get other places, including with the caterer has been touched by unwashed hands. I just assume any food that I don't prepair I risk eating something that has been unwashed, been touched by unwashed hands, etc. this includes fine dining establishments.

    In other words...don't let it get to you.

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  • It really doesnt get to me its just gross.  Like I do assume that when I eat out and I sort of push it to the back of my mind... but its still just gross.  I think what bothers me is the fact that they do it on TV.  personally if I knew I were being filmed, I would atleast pretend for the cameras.  I think thats my issue with it... :)
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