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Need help deciding!

We're getting married on March 26, 2011 (so happy!) & have been offered a free place to stay in Australia's wine country (Hunter Valley, 2 hrs from Sydney) at the beginning of April.  We had been thinking more of a beach honeymoon originally (Caribbean or Tahiti). Funds aren't unlimited, so a big break on lodging would be wonderful.  I know that it isn't a heart breaker to default to Australia (really!), but it just wasn't what we had been envisioning. Of course, the free place to stay in Australia ($1500 break) must be selected within 24 hours!  We just can't decide if we should give up the beach plans for Australia. Any insight would be GREATLY appreciated! Also, if anyone has honeymooned (or will be) in Australia in that general region, we'd love to hear your plans! Thanks so much & congratulations to everybody! 

Re: Need help deciding!

  • I really don't know how to advise you except to say that I have heard that flights to Australia are very expensive (and very long).  So check out what the rest of the trip will cost you first to see if it will really be that economical with the free lodging.  Also check out what the weather will be like at that time of year. 

    That being said, you can go to the beach anytime--this could be a once in a lifetime thing.
  • Australia sounds like an amazing and unique trip - you'd definitely have a different story to tell when you got home!  But definitely do check flight costs - it might not end up saving you any money!
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  • Also, the weather in Australia is opposite of what we experience in the states. So a dewy spring day here means a chilly, autumn day there.
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