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Cake Flavors

Hey all,

I need help with finding a cake flavor. A friend of the family is making the cake and is willing to do whatever flavors we request. I have never really tried fun tasting cakes. My fiance wants something boring, I think we need something tasty. So what are some flavors people have tried or have had? Thanks!

P.S. We have 5-7 tiers so we can have lots of different flavors.

Re: Cake Flavors

  • our wedding cake will be 2 flavors. maybe you guys could do that??
    red velvet w/ cream cheese filling & dark chocolate with vanilla filling.
    my fav was red velvet, my FI loved the chocolate. so we got both :)
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  • Chocolate Mint (Just chocolate cake with mint flavoring)
    Mango or Coconut with Raspberry filling
    Chocolate with Peanut Butter filling
    Carrot Cake
    Champagne with Kahlua Cream Cheese

    These are some of the flavors we are having.  Hope this helps.
  • Boring =/= bad tasting. Chocolate cake is a universal favorite for good reason.
  • Yes, a wedding may not be the time to do something crazy, unless it's for the layer you two will be eating.

    You want something that's universally pleasing; chocolate, vanilla, yellow, marble, even if you think it's boring.  If most people don't like it, it won't get eaten (cake usually doesn't get eaten anyway) and you're just wasting money.

    Just like the music, the food should be something at least 90% of the people like. :)

    Hope this helps!

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  • We are having a 4-tier cake with 2 flavors--opera cream torte (double chocolate chip cake with vanilla cream filling) and tangerine moon (butter cake with tangerine cream filling).
  • I would ask your friend to make you some samples.  Just because a flavor exists in theory and the baker is willing to experiment doesn't mean that said experiments will work.
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  • Oh wait, what about funfetti? Just have your baker add sprinkles to whatever white or yellow batter they usually use. It would be slightly different for you with a traditional taste for him. And I would remember your cake as the most fun ever.
  •  We are doing two of our layers white chocolate with raspberry, with white cake  and one of the layers Chocolate with raspberry , with chocolate cake. It's a three tiered cake. 
  • If you have 5-7 layers to play with, I'd try to split it as evenly as possible between the "traditional" flavors and the "fun" flavors. To be honest for every person I know that gets excited whenever they see a couple picked red velvet or carrot cake, I know one person that sees it and thinks "Why couldn't they have just picked chocolate like normal people?".

    FWIW, we were only allowed to pick one, so we kept it basic (Not too many "adventurous" desert people in our crowd): white cake with chocolate mousse filling-it was a hit.

    One wedding I went to have a cake where the filling was this cheesecake mousse and I must say: most delicious filling ever.

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  • We had a lemon cake with lemon filling and buttercream icing. 

    It was a toss up between that and the chocolate with chocolate. 
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  • Our wedding cake will be lemon with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting.  The groom's cake will be red velvet with cream cheese frosting.  FI has only taken a stand on one aspect of the wedding planning: he wants an armadillo groom's cake like the one from Steel Magnolias, complete with grey frosting. 

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