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La Sposa Fanal brides

So, I ordered my dress in mid or late October.  It's the Fanal in Oyster, which I have never tried on in even close to my size.  Everyone loved it, said it was THE dress, a rich-looking  satin, and I felt pretty good about it, too.  So we ordered it, in it will supposedly come in sometime next month.  They are even allowing me to return it if I don't like it, since I tried it on literally 6 sizes too big.  Meanwhile, I've been wondering if I ordered the wrong dress.  I think part of it is that I can only find the manufacturer's picture, which didn't look pearl colored with a hint of gold, as the dress I'd been wearing did, but very gold.  It's also kind of a weird picture.  I've seen another girl on the knot with the dress & I liked it better on her than on some model standing on a footstool! I'd never have liked it or asked to try it on based on the model pic.  So, long story long, if you are a Fanal bride, please post your pics here & tell me your dress color.  Also, if you have bustle pics, please post those as well!  I need to know if I love this dress.

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