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December 2010 Weddings

The Big Money Talk

You know how every couple needs to have the money talk when they get married? Whose going to be in charge of paying bills, what credit cards to use, bank accounts, etc etc? Well fiance and I had that convo the other day in the car, on the way home from a dinner party. It was the most casual convo we have ever had, lol. It was so easy and we agreed on everything (I am going to be handling the bills- thank goodness for my micromanagerial mind). It was bliss to have such an important thing taken care of so easily. It just proves we really are a perfect team :)

Re: The Big Money Talk

  • YAY!  FI used to work in finance and banking, so he kind of fell into that role years ago.  I'm glad you've found it just as easy and natural.  FI is definitely a more practical person than me, so it works well for us.
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  • Glad you got it figured out, and easily. It was also easy for us. He put me in charge. I think either one of us would do fine, but I'm more of a control freak.. so yea. ;)
  • That's good. FI and I have been together for so long, I don't even remember having an official "talk" because we just always seem to be on the same page. When we did our marriage prep for our church and the topic came up, we had the same answers lol. It just kind of fell into place.
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  • lol we never had a talk about it, it just happened.  I do my own bills and the bills that come from our joint account.  He takes care of his own bills.  We don't have a joint credit card, just our own separate ones.  It works out very nicely, lol.
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  • Yay!  So glad that went easily for you!  It one of those stressors to get out of the way, happy to hear it wasn't as stressful as it could have been!
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  • Yeah, I cried when we had our talk. ha!  I think I was just stressed out about many other things though.
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