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December 2010 Weddings

anyone ever sell stuff on amazon or ebay?

i want to sell my veil since David's won't let me exchange it (i don't think but i actually haven't fully investigated this) still has anyone sold stuff online before? how does it work?

Re: anyone ever sell stuff on amazon or ebay?

  • I've sold tons of things on ebay. I've actually got 11 items listed right now. It's extremely easy. Plus, right now they are doing a special promotion where you don't pay any fees to post unless your item sells. Have you thought about trying to post it on craigslist for about a week? That's what I usually do. I'll leave it on craigslist (since it is free) for a couple of weeks and if it doesn't sell I take it to ebay.
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  • I agree. Try craigslist first since they dont charge commission. Otherwise if ebay and craigslist make you nervous try a local consignment shop. I was on the lookout for viels this weekend and stopped at two that carried bridal things and both of them said not many veils come in seperate from dresses and they are routinely asked.. they take a commision if you sell. My friend sold her dress through consignement and advertised it on craigslist taht they could stop during store hours and check it out or try it on and it sold quick. Alot of people on craigslist/ebay are nervous about going to someones house to check it out or to even meet with them in case they dont want it or change thier minds.. having it at a store helps that.
  • Try the wedding classified section here on the knot and the classified forum on Project Wedding too. 

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  • You can also sell it on etsy, or craigslist. Ebay costs money to use.
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