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May 2010 Weddings

Am I the only one?

Is anyone else having their wedding on a weekday? My wedding is going to be on a Thursday. I'm really hoping that won't cause any problems for people coming to the wedding....think it will? I figured since it's towards the end of the week maybe out-of-state guests can take a 4 day weekend...that way we can spend time with family after the wedding.

What type of wedding are you girls having? I've only heard about one or two so far.

Re: Am I the only one?

  • I'm having mine on a Saturday because I thought it would be the most convenient day.  About 90% of my guests are from out of town so some of them will still probably have to take off Friday to come but I don't think they'll mind if they really want to come.  You know your guests so you'd probably have a better feel of what would work for them.  There are other people doing weekday weddings but I honestly don't know of many doing it on a Thursday, usually a Friday.
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  • We have a lot of out of towners so we went with a Saturday so they don't have to take a lot of time off.  I'm sure the people who are important to you will make a Thursday work, especially if they have a lot of notice to work with.
  • You should be fine- just give your OOT guests plenty of notice with save the dates and early invitations :-)

    PS Mine is on a Sunday-- Memorial Day Weekend!
  • Yeah....I feel bad that some people will have to take a few days off work but I figured that way only the most important people to us will show up and we want a smaller intimate wedding so that's ok. We don't want a tiny wedding but we don't want 2nd cousins and such there. I told everyone about it a few months ago so they have lots of notice.  Wow...Memorial Day weekend...did that make it harder to find a venue? At least a lot of people will already be off work :)
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  • Mine's on a Saturday evening.
  • Samantha, I was just a part of a wedding that was on a Thursday night.  It was fine. The ceremony just started a little earlier than most so people wouldn't be out super late if they had to work the next day.  I think it was all over by 9:00 or so.

    Kudos to you for saving a ton of money!
  • We are getting married on a Sunday. We picked Sunday for the cheaper rate and chose Memorial Day Weekend so our OOT guests could get an extra day off from work without effecting their vacation time at work.
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  • My wedding is on a Sunday night. It is out of town for 95% of the people so they will all be taking Monday off.  

    Except for my MOH who lives 2 hours away and has to work Monday so she will drive home after the wedding. Poor girl.  
  • Emily: So glad to hear someone else had theirs on a Thursday and it worked out ok. That's a good idea to have it a little earlier in the day....I am still trying to decide what time I want to have the wedding. There are pros and cons to daytime and evening weddings.  Thank you :)  I have saved sooo much money so far! Definitely working with a budget.
    Mimi: That poor girl is gonna be worn out! I'm sure it will be so worth it to her though.
  • She just knows that she will probably do nothing at work the next day, haha. Not only is staying till the party ends at 10, but she also plans on hanging out with everyone back at the hotel for like an hour afterwards.
  • My wedding is on a Saturday, with an afternoon reception. We have a large % of OOT guests, though. Saturday made the most sense for us because of that - that way they can come in a littler earlier in the week and then get flights back home on Sunday (we also leave for our honeymoon on Sunday so it's not like we'll still be around that day and miss out on more hanging out time - ppl will be heading home anyway)
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  • Our wedding is going to be on a Saturday as well, but a handful of our wedding party is located out of town so it only made sense with rehearsals and everything so they wouldn't have to take SO much time off.

    I have been to a few weddings that have been midweek (one was even a Tuesday!) It's definitely not my ideal situation for a wedding, but like you said, I really wanted to be there so it didn't matter all that much.

    I think Thursday isn't too bad though, really, and you will probably see that smaller, more intimate wedding you are looking for! :)
  • Saturday evening semi-formal wedding. The ceremony is outside in a lit up garden and the reception is inside a two story glass ballroom. My colors are black, hot pink, and champagne. Our guest list is about 75% OOT so we needed family to be able to travel.
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  • We are having a semi-formal garden wedding on Saturday evening (May 15). Colors are royal blue and champagne, accented by crystal and silver. I picked Saturday because of the date, and I also just prefer the feel of Saturday weddings, personally.
  • We are doing a Friday wedding at noon. I thought about the fact that we are inviting about 70 people from out-of-town but also thought that if it is important to them they will come! We are saving $100 an hour by doing our wedding on a Friday instead of a Saturday!
  • We opted for Saturday at noon.  This allowed up to have a Saturday wedding and still control some of the costs.  In my mind, the church bells will sound and then we'll start the procession.  Let's hope it works that way.
  • We're having a destination wedding so are doing it on a Wednesday. I would dread to think how much a weekend wedding would be as we've got a great deal on our weekday package.

    All of our guests will be on holiday in Orlando, so it wasn't really an issue and it made sense for us to take advantage of the great mid week rates.

    I'm sure you'll be fine.

  • We are having ours on a Sunday>>>at first I was a little hesitant against it since you think wedding=Saturday but we are paying for it ourselves we saved alot of money and like pp said if the people want to be there they will no matter what day it is
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