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Really Cheap But Good Caters In Columbus???

I need a cheap but good cater. Now when I say cheap I mean as cheap as possible like $10 a person tops. I don't have a very large budget but still want there to be food at the reception. I am okay with it being buffet style. Anyone know of anyone???
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Re: Really Cheap But Good Caters In Columbus???

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    Check out Boardwalk Catering by Laura.  

    I'll be honest, $10 per person really isn't realistic for dinner.  Laura I think has a dinner around $12 (it may have gone up a little, we went in contract with her over 2 years ago), but any appetizers out would be another buck or two a person, salad would be another buck or so too if you wanted it.    

    That said, Laura is an awesome woman to work with, and she really does try to make something work with tight budgets (and she doesn't cut corners on service, she was just amazing for our big wedding, going above and beyond in everything I asked without nickel and diming!).  She was the most affordable caterer that I found in the area and we received many compliments on the food at the wedding.

    I'm not sure on the feel you are going for, but if your budget is still really really tight, other options might be:

    Pot-luck if the guest list is small-ish... I've seen this done in a really cute way, and the food is guaranteed to be delicious! (I really loved this actually, the food options were a little random, but everything tasted soooo good and you could tell the family was so proud of the dishes they brought - I think just family and close friends brought dishes, maybe like a little less than half the guests? Man, the more I talk about this, the more I wish I would have done it, ha!! but we had like 230 guests, so it wouldn't make much sense.)

    If you like a more casual feel, maybe look into getting BBQ catered from a restaurant.

    If you'd like a more formal feel, I've heard of folks just doing like a dessert and wine reception, which can work out nice if you can arrange a late ceremony - like 7 or 8 pm, giving a guests a chance to dinner on their own.  

  • Ashes_3Ashes_3 member
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    We are having City BBQ cater our reception, $9.99 a person, they include plates and stuff. You can have them fully cater and serve or just deliver for buffet style. You might check italian and Mexican places alot of times you can get large courses of food cheaper also. Like large pasta's and what not.

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    Well I was going to say that I agree with EmDizzle about $10pp not being a realistic figure for food, but then Ashes_3 says it is .. . . .

    But I bet the $9.99pp may not include the delivery, tax, or gratuity.
  • KellyRVTKellyRVT member
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    We thought about doing Noodles & Company. Would be like $6/pp. And who doesn't love their food?
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    Contact Gloria at Caterer's Three.
    Full Buffet is 10.50 a person if you have 100+ (12.50 if you don't) and the food is pretty good.
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    Try Carfagna's....they have an extensive catering menu, check out the "by the pan" options.  It would be well under $10/person, but I'm not sure what you'd need as far as placesettings, sides, salads, etc. 
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    Try Lauras Catering, dinners were around 10 dollars I believe. We did an appetizer reception and food was great! 
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