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My wedding colors are Navy an Orange, my shoes are already navy so I don't need something blue but I saw this picture of someones nails. They are navy with a matte finish and I thought that would be awesome! My MOH thinks it might be a little out there... is she right? I know it's my day and all but I don't want to regret it whenever I go back and look at the pictures. If not this blue what other colors might be good, I don't want a french manicure and I'm very very pale.   

Re: Nail Colors

  • I love this color! I vote do it!
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  • Love the navy! Get 'em done in that color (or get some polish & do 'em) to see if you like it for your skin tone. 
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  • Might be dark in photos and take away from the white dress and other accessories. I would go with something clear/nude/light sheen. Nails aren't the focus - The pretty things you've spent months collecting and deciding on are!
  • I agree with all who posted. On the one hand I love the colour (or at least the one in the photo) and navy is a nice alternative colour that is still technically a neutral but will go with your dress. That said, the previous poster is right, it draws a lot of attention to your nails and you might want people's attention elsewhere. I would suggest (like hollyweenOR) that you get your nails done in navy and wear a light coloured shirt and see if a) you like it, and b) does it draw a lot of attention to your hands and are you comfortable with that much attention.

    In my personal experience, I have never paid much attention to anyone's nail polish colour unless it's a terrible shade for them or clashes with their outfit. That's when it sticks out.

    (I'm very glad you're not deciding on orange nails :) )
  • I had very dark nails, and it doesn't take attention away from the dress.  Flick through my bio and see for yourself.  I loved having a dark colour on my fingers. 
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  • it's a trend. you may regret it when you look back on pics. However for everyday wear, bridal showers, bach party... go for it! I'm a traditionalist when it comes to nails, however I'm all for awesome gemstones in jewelry.
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