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HSA Approved Caterer Reviews?

Hi! I am brand new to this forum but have already gotten some AWESOME advice so thanks in advance. I am looking to get married at HSA on a Sunday night with a wedding party of 75-100. 
I am looking for any reviews from people who have used any of their current approved caterers Any that you dot recommend off the top would be great so that we dont waste our time :)

  • Light hors d'oeuvres followed by a buffet. (We do love Mexican food)
  • Wanted to stay around $20-30 a person. The lower the better though!
  • Alcohol does not need to be included.
  • Do you know if any of the people on the current list include plates and silverware with the price of food? I would rather not have to rent and wash those myself. 

Re: HSA Approved Caterer Reviews?

  • juliebug1997juliebug1997 member
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    I know several girls have enjoyed working with Black Eyed Pea and another girl I *think* is using Eddie Dean.  Sorry I can't help with the dish question but I'm with you on that.
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    Donnaaries used Wendy Krispin and gave them an A.  Her food looked delicious--some of the best food I've ever seen here.

    I'm pretty sure Food Glorious Food is pretty expensive while Black Eyed Pea is more reasonable.  I have reviews on my computer at work I will look through and see if I can find anything else.

    ETA:  Here's the only one I found on any of those listed.
    (Kris) Caterer--CN Catering B Food was good, but definitely not as good as the tasting we had.
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    I'm using CN catering because I loved their tasting and they treated me like a normal, professional person (not a "delicate bride"). I also went to a tasting at Jim Lee, and the food was very good as well. Prices for both were very reasonable, but probably won't quite meet your budget once rentals and service are added. Although, my wedding is on a Saturday, so a Sunday could be cheaper.

    I'm fairly sure Wendy Krispin and Two Sisters will be out of your budget, but maybe you can ask for a Sunday discount.

    Most companies don't include the price of rentals with the food prices, but all of them should add it to the quotes they give you. Just make sure you ask.
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    I am using the Black Eyed Pea and have really enjoyed working with Heather Rose, the area catering manager. We wanted to stay in $1200 range for 100 people and she was able to meet our budget including fruit and cheese for cocktail hour, the food (choice of grilled chicken breast or chicken fried steak, roasted red potatoes, green beans and bread), a bartender, cake cutting and 5 servers. This includes thick plastic plates and plastic silverware, but I think they do have real plates, glasses and silverware available for an upcharge.

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    I'm using Glory House and it's about $34 pp after service (including bartenders) & tax. That does not include china because I'm using mismatched china. You could probably choose a less expensive entree though. Her food is delicious, and I tried about 5 places including CN catering. Gil's & Two Sisters were out of my budget. BTW if you rent they do not require you to wash your dishes. You'd put them in a plastic container that they send with it and send them back dirty.
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    I am also using Black Eyed Pea and agree with lesalyric, Heather Rose is awesome to work with and their prices are very fair. It makes it easier budget wise because their are so many ways that you can customize the menu to fit both what you want food wise and also to help you stay on your budget. I highly recommend them!
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    I've worked with Heather at Black Eyed Pea to cater our work events.  We've never had any problems with them.  They're very reasonable and everything always turns out delicious.
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    I used Two Sisters and LOVED them!  They were easily my favorite vendor to work with!

    For $14 a person we had cheese, dips, fruits and veggies, passes canapes, and a light buffet.  Everyone keeps commenting on how good the food was since the wedding.  And there was more than enough food to fill everyone up.

    In addition to that price was rentals and staff, but that is going to vary based on your wedding size.  Monica coordinated it all and took care of it for us. They will wash the dishes, coordinate delivery and pick up, etc.  You will not have to worry about any of it.   She was so organized and on top of things, it was great to work with her.

    Here was my review:

    Caterer – Two Sisters Catering – A+++

    Monica was our caterer and also acted as the ‘day of coordinator’ for our reception.  She did a phenomenal job.  The food was good, there was more than enough, she had the place set up beautifully, and they made sure that everything at the reception continued to progress, no thanks to the DJ (more on that later), and for a very reasonable price.  I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a caterer.

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    I just got married on September 25 and used Two Sister's.  They were beyond amazing.  I worked with Monica and she was easily my most detail oriented vendor.  For $30 per person we had four passed canapes and a large buffet.

    Here is the review I posted on wedding wire...

    Although I didn't eat much on my wedding night (what bride does?), Two Sisters was amazing. Beyond the food, which my guests raved about, the service was impeccable and Monica's attention to detail made me feel like I was in good hands. Even though I had a buffet dinner and two bars, servers continued to make the rounds to tables to refill wine and water glasses, serve cake, and clear plates away. I could not have picked a better caterer!
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    Thanks for all the GREAT advice. I think I know where to start now. Laughing and WOW I knew venues were cheaper on Sundays but never even thought to ask for a Sunday discount for the other thing such as the caterer. What a wonderful idea!
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