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Post-elopement casual reception

I am looking for advice on what is appropriate for a post-elopement reception.

For starters, here is some background information:

We are eloping in PEI in a private ceremony with just us and our dog. My parents are northern european/scandinavian and where they are from, not having guests at the ceremony is the norm. This is how they were married. They are aware of what we are doing and support it 100%, but they want to host a celebration for family and close friends when we get back. So we agreed. As a side note he hasn't told his Mom yet...or his sister. His brother knows and is absolutely fine with it. He's waiting for the right moment to tell his Mom and sister. Hopefully they will respect our wishes and understand we want a private ceremony.

Our elopement is August 3rd, and the venue at the community where they live (beautiful outdoor gardens with access to inside in case in rains...full kitchen, bathrooms, etc.) is not available until October 2nd. Is it ok to wait this long to host the celebration? We're thinking of having a post card announcement/invite created that we will send from PEI (Message from PEI...We are now Mr. and Mrs. So and So). Would only go to those invited of course.

I guess I'm wondering if this type of reception is ok, or people will find it off putting? We are doing this strictly to celebrate with family and friends and plan on writing "Best Wishes Only" on the announcement/invite.

Am I missing some proper etiquette for this type of reception? Is there anything else I should know or be doing. I am not a wedding person at all so I'm a bit lost as to what to do. I mean do I need favours for guests?

We're planning an afternoon casual reception with catering (bbq style...nice and casual). There will be bocce ball and other games for guests to play. Like I said...really casual, just like us!

Looking for feedback on etiquette and ideas to make it a nice experience for guests.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Post-elopement casual reception

  • I would think announcements are fine if you want it to be casual. Just send them out and say something along the lines of announcing you just got married and would like to invite them to a reception to celebrate on xx/xx/2010, & RSVP information.

    Some people might be against it, but it's your wedding. If you both want to elope, so be it. Giving your families the opportunity to celebrate with you is a good idea. I think the time difference (2 months) is a little much, but if that's the location you have your heart set on, then it will actually allow you to send out the announcement/invite at the same time.

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  • What you're planning is perfectly fine!  The thing some people don't like is if you were to have another ceremony, but it doesn't sound like you're planning that.

    You can make the invitation be sort of a combo wedding announcement and reception invitation.  Don't mention gifts at all, even the fact that you don't want any.  It's not proper and people will get you gifts if they want to.
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  • I think you should ask this on the destination weddings board.  
  • plan on writing "Best Wishes Only" on the announcement/invite.

    This is the only part of what you wrote that is improper.
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