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Interesting Testimonies on links between diet and endo/PCOS

We always talk about Endo/PCOS in regards to BCP, but I thought these accounts showing how diet can affect these conditions were interesting. These are based on "Primal" type diets where unnatural carbohydrates (breads, refined sugars) are reduced/eliminated from the diet, but I'm sure they can be relatable in other ways.’t-just-“manage”-my-condition-i-beat-it-and-wiped-the-floor-with-it/#axzz1tY2gvOB6

Re: Interesting Testimonies on links between diet and endo/PCOS

  • Ohh, if only more people would realize so many medical issues can be prevented/treated with diet (have I mentioned before that I'm a dietitian? haha). 
    I by no means have perfect eating habits, but some people's diets baffle my with how much crap they eat.

    Anyways, for anyone who wants some more reading on diet/PCOS:

  • Thanks for posting, ladies!  I'd really like to try some of these changes and see if it improves my PCOS-related issues...  I know that the CCL book from what I've read so far (Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition) recommends foods with a low glycemic index.  Is that essentially what the paleo-diet is?
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    Here's a blurb on Paleo. click
    And one on PCOS. click and click

    I'd say that paleo is typically low-glycemic, but low glycemic does not necessarily mean paleo (does that make sense?)

    Edit: here's one on glycemic index. click
  • Paleo/Primal/Caveman/Euro Diets are all similar and based on the idea that fat itself isn't that bad and that the real problem is "bad" carbs (pasta, bread, candy). The main meal plan is veggies, nuts, fruit, fish and meats. They're very pro-organic/natural (as many perservatives cause crazy spikes in your blood sugar). Some are more pro-dairy than others. Basically, instead of burning carbs for energy, you now burn fat and your body gets used to burning fat and gets better at it. Also, you feel more full when you eat "fattier" foods than when you eat carbs. So, you require less food in general to feel satisfied.

    People in France eat vey rich, fatty foods and they have such a different level of obesity than we do. They eat smaller portions because they are more satisfied eating these "heavier" foods. Though they do eat bread - but I've read that their wheat is less genetically modified and more "natural" than ours, which may have an impact on why they have less of an issue with those carbs.
  • I see.... any recommendations/links on a good way to do paleo and/or low-glycemic cheaply and simply?  
  • I'm late to the party on this post, I've been on a paleo diet since the beginning of this year. A wonderful resource to start off with a great "cleanse" - eliminating foods that are known inflammatory agents - is Their Whole30 challenge involves 30 days without sugar, added sweeteners, grains, dairy, certain preservatives, starches, and legumes. No supplements, nothing but good whole foods - veggies, meats, fruits galore. I love paleo and will never go back to eating another way on a normal basis! Unfortunately, it didn't help with my health issues that have lead me to use BCP, but I am much healthier and in shape in general now due to this diet + regular exercise! Also, testimonial for the whole30 and PCOS:
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