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Reception Near Central Park?


I absolutely fell in love with the wedding packages from Central Park; especially since they are so customizable and the coordinators have been so helpful in planning--humoring me now even though the big day is more than a year and a half away!

I was considering the picnic reception, but can't find any pictures online or descriptions from anyone that went that route. Any tips/gripes/praise?

Also, I have several elderly guests, so I don't think the no-chair policy in the park will work for us for a reception. It will be in September, which is fickle NY weather, giving us anything from frost to lingering summer haze, so indoors would probably be best. Does anyone know of a restaurant within walking (or short cab distance) of the park (in any direction, we haven't chosen a spot in the park yet) that accommodates the following:

  • No need for a dance floor
  • Visually appealing enough that no decorations are needed
  • Buffet or a very varied menu (we have a lot of dietary requirements)
  • No need for alcohol
  • Fits 45-50 people
  • Hopefully costs no more than $30 per person (the lower the better!)


Re: Reception Near Central Park?

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    Good luck with $30pp around the park!!!

    Have you priced the boathouse maybe just for dinner?
    There are probably some nice places on columbus up in the 70s and 80s, but that in itself is a walk from the border of the park.

    I would stick to the West side, or south of the park.  THe east side is avenues before you get to Lex or 3rd if you are concerned about people walking.
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    Any suggestions for places in that area? It's a little overwhelming to type in the cross streets on Google and see a million hits. I've tried to weed through as much as possible, but didn't make much headway.
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