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Hey girlie!
I love love the new siggy pic. You guys are really cute
That inspiration board you have for your BM is so pretty.  I want to be your BM so I can look hot!

Re: Eagles

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    You can def be one of my! I really hope my ladies like them as much as you do. If they don't, I'll be bummed, but at least I'll be HOT at the rehearsal dinner! Joking...but not really.

    Anywho, thanks for the compliments. FI and I took that a few years ago when we went to a club with some of our friends. I like the picture because we had such a good time that night and it brings back memories, but he likes it cause he says we look 20 pounds lighter and its motivation!

    How's your shoe shopping coming along? Also, have you figured out an accent for the berry color? Not that one is needed...I know you don't like that color, but I honestly think it is pretty.
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    Ha! I sent the girls an email to the girls with the options from Kia and one from your bio (the glittering ones) so they could see some cute options... I am not shopping for them though. LOL
    I am really trying to be ok with that color. I just worry about incorporating that color with our wedding colors... But I'm sure it will be ok

    So you are wearing the dress for the RD? you'll be a hot sister. LOL! I am sure your girls will love the look you picked!
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    oh yeah, you venue is my Fi's dream venue. It looks so nicely
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    I would only wear the dress to the RD if they didn't like it for themselves.

    What other colors are you using?

    Thanks for the comp on the was my fave. FI almost didn't give it a chance once he saw it online because it was something different and not in our original budget, but when he saw it with me he was all for it. I hope things turn out to be as I picture them on the day of...
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    Everything will be so pretty and will come out beautifully on the wedding day! Your venue is so Cali. LOL! Love the romantic yet modern feel of it. It's spacy, airy and beautiful. Not the crammed up hotel in center city I have. LOL!

    Well, I don't even know what our colors are anymore. I guess it's pink (hot an light) and blue with brown and grey accents at this point.

    here are 2 of our 4 monograms that bring the colors together (but not the grey)

    I feel like it's too many colors, but no turning back now...
    Fi and I don't like the matchy matchy look, meaning that the vest and tie of the guys don't have to match the girls dresses but I think we may have overshoot it!

    So the girls are wearing berry, the guys grey suits and black ties, Fi black suits black tie, little girls light pink, me ivory or whatever color alabaster is. Hum yeah! I am probably doing an ivory bouquet and the  girlls light pink and the boutonniere of the guys will match the girls, while Fi's will match mine.

    But the decor is under control so at least I am cool there...
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    I think it will work, but it will take some thought because its such a full palette. The pinks and berry are not going to be a problem because they are in the same family. I definitely am glad that you stuck with silver shoes for the girls because black would throw things off in my opinion. Where besides the monograms are you using blue and brown? The key with pulling this off as beautifully as it is in your head is to use your accent colors sparingly. Have you found inspiration boards or did you all pick the colors yourselves? I am excited about your wedding. I love anything that does something unexpected and I think this color combo will be hot...that shade of blue is amazing!
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    Thank you sweetie!
    We picked our colors from a cover of a book I bought at the airport when I was leaving London. LOL! I made a post about it on the blog.

    The girl's skin is the brown, her dress is that beautiful shade of pink I wanted, and we love the blue from his sweater. I know, very weird. And now that I look at it, the grey we added works since his pants are grey. LOL!

    We used the monograms/colors on the STD, invites, unity candles, etc (I am now designing the aisle runner. The F will be pink crystals...)
    So mostly paper products. I will make a post about my invites soon

    I wanted to build in the colors so the ceremony would be mostly white and a little bit of light pinks. The cocktail hour, all white and few pinks (light and hot) and the brown. The reception would be blue and hot pink.

    As far as how we used the colors:
    We used the brown in the ceremony on the outline of the aisle runner, the ribbons that hold the pomanders and the monograms on the aisle runner. At the cocktail hour, we are using the brown in the Arabica coffee beans that my family is bringing from Cameroon that will be the bed for the escort cards, and on the chargers on the reception tables

    The light pink is in the pomander and the tall arrangements at the ceremony.
    The hot pink is also in the aisle runner at the ceremony, few CPs at the cocktail hour and the CPs at the reception.

    The blue is in the linens at the receptions and cocktail hour, the lighting in the room and the CP.

    This is my inspiration, but ours won't be nearly as pretty. LOL!

    yeah, that's a lot. I am sure the colors will come together but I am freaking out!
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