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Hello everyone :)

I am a new knottie although I've been poking around the site well before I officially had a ring ;)   just got engaged on New years day and am planning my wedding for Sept 2010 :) 

We have already booked Mahan's Lakeview for both our ceremony & reception. We are using HK photography and I got my dress last weekend at the Bridal Mall (had a great experience there as opposed to some other dress shops).  I am having a hard time finding a salon in my area that is reasonably priced..  I am getting married at 11:00 AM on a Saturday so it will need to be early in the morning... I know I plan on getting both my hair and make up done and I know my bridal party will want at least their hair done.  I will be getting ready in Northford, so I'm looking in the North Haven/Wallingford area.... any suggestions?? 

Thanks in advance :)


Re: Hair/Make-Up (New Haven Area)

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    I used Dana Bartone...she traveled to us on the day of the wedding and was fantastic! 
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    Congratulations! I'm toying with the idea of having someone travel (dana bartone, naomi martinez, ivette wellmen, beauty entourage) or going to my hair salon in Wallingford- Serenity Salon and Day Spa. They do hair and make-up (but not airbrush which everyone seems to be a fan of.) Ask for Nicole if you decide to check it out! 
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    I'm having makeup and hair travel to me too.... but if you want to go to a salon, check out Salon Space in North Haven.  They do both hair and makeup and are very reasonably priced.  I get my hair cut there and if i was getting married in North Haven I 100% would have gone to their salon for both hair and makeup.  They're all pretty young, super friendly and very professional. 

    For my hair on my wedding day, I'm using a girl that graduated from the Paul Mitchell Beauty Academy a couple of years ago.  She's been doing bridal party/wedding hair for a while now.  I had a trial with her and really liked what she did so i booked her.  For makeup, i'm using Maria Dominici.  She's coming up from Wilton and is really awesome at what she does.  She's a bit high-priced but was nice enough to negotiate with me after she found out I was on a tight budget.




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    Congrats and welcome!

    I'm also having my hair & makeup artist travel to me the day of the wedding. I feel that it'll help make things less stressful and it's one less place to stop on the way. I'm also using Dana Bartone out of Cheshire. Janice and Lauren of Dana's salon will be doing my hair and makeup.
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    I'm using Ivette Wellman in Branford.  I just had my trial with her this weekend and my makeup was amazing!  I got so many compliments.  And she's so friendly and sweet. 
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    Thanks so much for the suggestions ladies!!

    I was going to look into Serenity in Wallingford and it sounds like a lot of people prefer airbrush make up.

    What is considered reasonable for a make-up and hair trial??   Some salons are as little as $50-75 while others are $175 which seems a bit steep to me for a trial no??
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    Jan Simone, Makeup Artist      Glen Badessa, Makeup Artist
    Both are very experienced and travel.
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