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TGIF Accountability

Happy Friday!

B - Egg white omelet with mushroom, cheese and cilantro
S - WW String Cheese
L - Lean Cuisine Chicken Parm
S - Pear, Grape Tomatoes
D - Stuffed Peppers - Green Pepper, Lean Beef, Whole Grain Rice, Diced Tomatoes, American and Mexican Cheeses

E - Not sure, but a trip to the gym is in order. Probably run 4 miles and do some upper body weight training.

Re: TGIF Accountability

  • Good Morning!

    B: WW Waffle with nutella, flax seed and strawberries. oh and a hershey kiss...stupid easter candy.
    S: Lightly salted almonds and a clementine
    L: Mixed greens and spinach with dried cranberries, walnuts, chicken and honey mustard yogurt dressing.
    S: Special K bar and a clementine
    D: TBD...I work 9 am to midnight today and only packed a lunch, not dinner, so no clue.

    E:  Again with the long shifs, probably no exercise which blows.


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  • Happy Friday!  I'm still on the injured list, so my only exercise is hobbling to and from things to sit on.

    B: whole wheat english muffin w/ natural PB and banana, coffee
    S: triple venti nonfat latte, apple and string cheese
    L: TBD, somewhere that doesn't require too much walking
    S: greek yogurt w/ raspberries and granola
    D: ??  maybe I'll finally make those chicken and broccoli pockets.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • Good Morning and Happy Friday!

    B: orange, black coffe with one splenda
    S: baby carrots
    L: turkey sandwich
    S: caramel rice cakes
    D: lean cuisine with a WW icecream for dessert

    E: 30mins on eliptical
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  • Good morning! I've lost 4lbs this week!

    B-:( I rushed out and forgot it.
    S-Pretzel crisps & laughing cow
    L-Pita Sandwich
    S-Baby Carrots
    D-Out with the girls so not sure yet...

    E-none today, but tomorrow is gonna be cardio central!
  • B: Egg, whole wheat bagel thin
    S: Trail mix
    L: Leftover whole wheat penne with grilled chicken, spinach, feta, and olive oil
    S: Cottage cheese
    D: Leftover herbed chicken with brown rice

    E: Turbo Jam
  • Happy Friday everyone! I've apparently hit a plateau over the past two weeks, and it's driving me crazy! Sigh.

    B: Kashi Autumn Wheat cereal, nf milk
    L: Thai chicken salad from Panera (dressing on the side)
    S: Yoplait yogurt
    D: Scrambled eggs with canadian bacon and a lot of veggies

    E: Hoping to hit the gym after work cause I really need to do my arms, but for sure taking the puppies on a long walk cause it is gorgeous out today! Hitting the gym hard tomorrow cause we're going out for ladies night tomorrow, so if all else fails I can do my arms then.
  • I'm starving.  Need to get to the grocery store asap.

    B - whole grain english muffin with PB
    L - 1/2 chicken pita, a few french fries
    D - ? maybe leftovers
    S - ?  

    E - 30 DS level 1, waitressed all morning
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