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December 2010 Weddings

XP: Poll: Lets talk transportation.

FI and I need to decide how we are going to get from the hotel to church (separately) and then from the church to the reception (together). 

What is everyone doing for transportation? Are you using an antique car, having somebody drive you, or what? 
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Re: XP: Poll: Lets talk transportation.

  • I'm pretty sure we're doing a limo/party bus.  I've found one for a pretty good deal and as soon as FI gives me the ok I'm going to book it.
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  • Limo....I am doing a smaller one from mom's house to the venue with just the girls. Then it will pick up just the boys after they drop us off. Finally, I am using it as a my roundtrip transportation to and from the hotel for guests to get back and forth. I would like a vintage car, but prob not in budget and who knows with crazy snowy Chicago weather.
  • Well, my situation is unique. I am getting married at my college chapel and the reception is also on campus. I live on campus.....so my plan is to stay at my friend/teacher's house on campus, FI will stay at our apartment, I will get ready in the bride's room at the chapel and he will get ready at home :) We both can walk to the chapel from where we'll be sleeping and everyone will walk from the chapel to the reception hall, as long as it doesn't rain! I want to look into having a horse-drawn carriage take us from the chapel to the hall though, that would be awesome!

    But if I were to get transportation, I like the idea of a vintage private car.
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  • I'm not sure :(  Still haven't figured it out.  I don't know if we can afford a limo on top of everything else...it may be just be driven there separately.  Our ceremony/reception is in the same place so we don't have to worry about it - we're supposed to get a horse carriage ride around after the ceremony though.  Once we leave - not sure about that part either :-/  lol
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  • Funny you should ask this AKG because I was trying to get a transportation connection today from a Harley dealer who knows a few car enthusiasts.

    Anyhoo, I'm staying at the hotel overnight, so I don't need transportation on that end.  My church is literally 2 blks. from the hotel.  So my car or the hotel shuttle will get me there.  After the ceremony I'm going to try to use the hotel van to be a warming vehicle for us and the wedding party while we take pics.  All of the locations are just across the street: ice skating rink, performance arts center and City Hall.  After that though, we do need a ride to the movie theater where we took our STD pics, so I hope that Harley dealer can find me a Mustang from the 1960s--that's my FI's FAVORITE CAR!

    Leaving the reception, I have procured a sleigh ride (horse and carriage).

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  • foot falcon all the way!

    we're staying at the estate where our ceremony and reception is being held - he'll get ready in one house and I'll be in the other.
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  • I am taking a limo to the church with my parents and FI is riding with one of the groomsmen in their car.  Limos were not our top priority so we didn't get two. 
  • We rented a trolley to take us from the church to the reception.  We have a big bridal party so everyone can fit on the trolley instead of having to get two limos. 
  • We rented a white trolley and it's one of the things that I am the MOST excited about!  It will drop my FI and groomsmen off at the church, then come get me and my bridesmaids and drop us off at the church, and then will take us downtown for pictures after the ceremony and then to the reception hall.  We have shuttles taking everyone from the reception site to the hotel at the end of the wedding so we'll just jump on that with them at the end!

  • I don't know yet. I don't know if we can afford anything really cool.

    Hey, what is everyone doing for the WP transportation? Are you providing it? And what about the guests? Did you work something out for them too?
  • I love this board!  We all start thinking of the same things at the same time :)  We are undecided in this area but just starting to think about it.  I've only briefly talked to my mom about it and she was under the impression the bridesmaids would just drive themselves.  We definitely need to discuss it further and write out an hourly itinerary for the day.  They have a company in Charleston called the Black Cab Co. and they are the english style cabs... so cute!  I've seen those used as the get away car for alot of couples in the area.
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  • We have two limos. It was really important to us to be alone after the ceremony on the way to the reception so we're gonna ride in a separate limo. I had to search high and low but we got a good deal.
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  • We're thinking about a double decker bus for our guests so they all don't have to take separate taxis or worry about drinking & driving.  The chapel is providing a limo for the bridal party.

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