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Graham's Goodies review - disappointed!

In the weeks approaching our wedding, Mollie fell out of contact.  She did not respond to e-mails or phone calls.  The only way we were able to get a response was by leaving written messages on he door of her home. By that time we had hired another company (Cake Gallery) because we were afraid she would continue to flake and we would be left without a cake at our wedding.  She gave us a bunch of excuses but the bottom line is that she does not care about your wedding.  Go with a REAL professional business like the Cake Gallery.  AVOID MOLLIE GRAHAM AT ALL COSTS!
<img height=125 src="http://i52.tinypic.com/10h1vua.png" mce_src="http://i52.tinypic.com/10h1vua.png">EDD 10/21/11
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Re: Graham's Goodies review - disappointed!

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    Oh that's too bad!!! I have ordered a cake from her before and it is the best cake in the world! Sad to hear that someone did not have a good experience with her!
  • betizzle73betizzle73 member
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    That sucks! We just ordered our cake from her. BUT, we also got my baby shower cakes from her before she stopped doing occasion cakes, and several friends have used her for their bridal showers/wedding cakes and loved her. I reallyyyyy hope this was just a one time thing and that shes not starting to go downhill, because I was so impressed with her before. Now i'm nervous :(
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  • mimi_8228mimi_8228 member
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    I would have to say that I agree with Puddlezzz.  I was also disappointed with my wedding cake from her.  I did not get my cake stand (although she is refunding my money) and my cake was not the design we had discussed and the picture I showed her.  I wanted an intricate design and I got plain swirls instead.  Although, the cake did taste amazing, in the end I was more disappointed than anything.  This was one of the main things of the wedding I was looking forward to and was just overly bummed about it.
  • jussyleejussylee member
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    I was also dissapppointed with the service I recieved from Molly. She went AWOL when we tried to contact her a couple weeks before the wedding to coordinate what time she would be delivering the cake. She also left my cake completely unfinished! My cake was supposed to have piping and I received a completely plain, iced cake with my cake topper on top. Zero decoration. The cake was delicious, she has wonderful recipes, but I am excited that I missed my opportunity to see a beautiful wedding cake decorated to represent my wedding!
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    I'd used her for our wedding last year and the cake (and grooms cake) we both beautifully decorated and tasted fantastic.  All went off without a hitch.  She says that she will make you a new top for your one year anniversary also.  Our one year is this weekend and I contacted her a few weeks ago to make sure that she would make it for us, she responded after a couple days and said that she would.  I've emailed her twice in the last two days to ensure a pickup time and haven't gotten a response.  After reading these reviews I am really hoping that she pulls through and makes it for us, my husband hasn't stopped talking about the cake since our wedding and I was looking forward to surprising him with it on our anniversary!
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