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Ugh, stressful fitting today. Pics galore... opinions PLEASE! :)

So I just had my fitting.  I was almost in tears... 2 reasons - First, I just don't feel "in love" with my dress.  I mean, it's pretty, but I just think I made the decision too quick, and that I could have done better.  Too late now.  Second, this whole sleeves vs. no sleeves has me stressed to no end.... I can't decide what I like better and, I know it sholdn't be like this, but I'm totally stressed about what my FI is going to think.  I know he'll think I'm beautiful either way, but I can't stand the fact that he hates strapless and that's what I'll be wearing to marry him.  These pics with the straps aren't the best b/c one of them kept falling.  They're (obviously) making them a little tighter and more supportive than they look here... On a positive note though, I loved my bustle - the did a side bustle (the last pic).

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Re: Ugh, stressful fitting today. Pics galore... opinions PLEASE! :)

  • You look beautiful !!! You definitely made the right dress choice..very flattering. I def prefer the no sleeves. With that neckline the strapless looks beautiful.
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  • Actually even though this is a distant pic, it depicts the cap sleeves better...

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  • WinstonsGirlWinstonsGirl The Cold North member
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    I think the cap sleeves look great with the dress, so if you're worried about what your FI will think, it does look very pretty
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  • jtolyjtoly member
    Your dress is beautiful!! My FI hates strapless but that is what I picked as well. I'm sure when he sees you he won't be thinking "what is she doing with a strapless dress on". He will think about how beautiful you look. No matter how you decided to wear it, you look amazing! No more stress!!
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  • The dress is beautiful.  I love the strapless but the sleeves are nice as well.  You will be beautiful and your FI is marrying the girl in the dress not the dress.  He loves you no matter what so don't worry so much.  You will be beautiful!
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  • I think the dress is AMAZING!! I have a bit of dress envy ;)

    I also agree the strapless is much better and that he won't care!
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    I think your dress looks GREAT!  I love the way it looks strapless... BUT I must say that I think it looks really nice with the sleeves too.  And if you think FI will prefer the sleeves the cap sleeves do look nice.  Either way you choose you will look gorgeous and I think that's all your FI will be thinking about too. 

    I agree that when he see's you the first thing on his mind will NOT be "why is that dress strapless?"
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  • I think that the dress looks great on you!
    I think that I would pick strapless (but I am a strapless kind of girl), so whichever you are more comfortable in will be great!!
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  • I think the strapless is stunning. You look great! If you feel more comfortable adding that little bit of sleeve to your dress, by all means.  It looks gorgeous, I just prefer the strapless!
  • we're pretty much going through it together right now and honestly, do whatever makes you happy.  Try showing FI pictures similar to you dress to see if he loosens up on the anti-strapless stance.  If you want strapless, go for it.  You might be best to agree to disagree until he actually sees you in it.  When he sees you coming down the aisle he's going to be so blown away the last thing on his mind is if you're wearing a strapless dress or dress with straps.

    What about your dress aren't you in love with?  Maybe there's something that can be done to make it what you envisioned.

    The side bustle is beautiful and you look absolutely stunning in your dress.  I know I've started picking at all the little details and started stressing out.  The best thing to do is calm down, step back, and look at it with a clear head.  Only you know what's best for you.
  • Emily your dress is GORGEOUS!!! Ever since your first post about it I have loved it!  I think the straps are pretty, but I love the strapless look more.  EIther way you can't go wrong!  You will look stunning and your FI will love it no matter what!  Try and take a deep breath!  When you are all done up for the wedding you will love your dress!

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  • You girls are amazing beyond words!!!!!  Thank you so much for all of the advice and reassurance!  I'm considering wearing straps for the ceremony and going strapless for the reception.... Hopefully I can make a decision when I go back next time and can see the straps actually adjusted to my shoulders! 

    THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!  Can't tell you how much I appreciate the feedback!!  xoxoxoxo
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  • that's a great idea!  they can put in little hooks and you can take the straps off in a few seconds.
  • I agree with the PP's.  Either way it's beautiful and he certainly won't be thinking about it!

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  • It's gorgeous!! I love it! :) I agree, do what you want because it will make you happy which will make you even more sexy in that dress!
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  • Beautiful! I love the dress and think it looks amazing on you! I like it best without the straps because your neckline is amazing and it really shows it off. BUt, I can understand wearing them for FI.
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    I love the dress on you both ways. I think the cap sleeves make your back look really nice (didn't sound so creeper-ish in my head haha).
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