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So I mod over on the Food & Cakes board, and there's a thread going on in which a bride has put a deposit down on a great venue... except she hadn't done a tasting with them. When she finally did do a tasting, the food was awful. She wanted to know what she should do. Now, if I were in her shoes, I'd be out of there in a second. Food is insanely important to me. Like, even in life (ha! I should say especially. I weigh 155 for a reason... and that reason is butter and naturally smoked bacon). Tongue out I could never knowingly serve a guest or a friend bad food in good conscience!

Anyway, that got me thinking: what are your priorities when it comes to your wedding? Where don't you mind dropping money? Do you need a killer DJ to keep the party jumping? Or amazing fresh flowers? Or that designer gown? What is most important for you?

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    Food, drinks and a fun atmosphere are the most important things to me. I would way rather drop money on the catering rather than the flowers and decor. If I were her I would screw the deposit and find another caterer. Poor girl!
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    For us, our priorities were location (Maui, hello!), the cake and photography.  Neither of us had a real photographer at our first weddings, and we want beautiful pictures this time around!  He had a teensy cake at his first wedding, and while I had a three-tier cake at my wedding, it was hideously ugly.  Seven and a half years later, thinking about that cake depresses me. Haha!
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    I'd have to say that I'm pretty spoiled, so I'm getting pretty much everything that I want--priority or not.  I have an image and it will be realized, inclusively Laughing.  But, that's not to say that I'm a bridezilla wanting an icebar in Hawaii or that I don't shop around, either.  There is nothing on our list that I've said, "I don't care the price--I just want it."  I've negotiated with every single purchase that we've made.  To answer the question though, the things I'm most excited about are the decor package and the photography.  
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    hmm priorities...it's really weird i have no priorities for the dress but I had a ton of preferences for vendors (videographer, photographer, live music, emcee, etc.).  we are definitely spending a ton of money on vendors...if we met vendors and loved them we splurged. haha not a good tactic. Luckily the vendors that we hired have given us really good price breaks so we're thankful for that.  I did a lot of research online before actually meeting with them...so i did do research but when it came down to it...i knew certain vendors just had to be at my wedding. :)

    i'm with you aly, food is important especially if i'm feeding dear friends and family and myself ;)  i'd probably forget the deposit and find someplace else to go...hope things work our for her though!
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    Location, dress and food.  Nothing real exciting lol
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    Food, ambiance, and photography are most important to me.  I love our photographer and worked with her last year so she was the first thing I booked for our wedding.  I haven't tasted our food, but a girl I met on another board used our same caterer and said everything was amazing.  Ambiance, I totally trust our florist/decor for that, she is so nice and everything she does is absolutely breathtaking! 
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    Location, Location, Location. We felt going back to Hawaii where we got engaged was the most important. Beyond that I would say Photography & Food. Both of which we are in the process of figuring out.
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