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For our centerpieces I'm thinking of doing three ivory candles of different heights and then wrapping either rhinestone or purple ribbon around them and purple flower petals around them on the table. My mom saw this idea on TV somewhere. The only problem is I don't know where to find affordable candles or rhinestone ribbon! Any website ideas? Thanks!
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Re: centerpieces

  • Save-On crafts is always good. And Afloral may have something. Dollar Tree is also great! HTH
  • Thanks I'll check those out!
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  • Definitely try the dollar store. I've seen some rhinestone ribbon at Michaels before in the beading section. If nothing else, you could buy some flat-backed rhinestones and glue them to some ribbon. 
  • Not sure about the ribbon, but I also recommend Dollar Tree and Michaels for the candles. Since you have so much time, you can wait until the candles go on sale at Michaels or just buy a few at a time when you get a coupon. The nice thing about Michaels is that almost every time you buy something you get a 40% any item coupon so you can go back and buy more candles another day. I bought one pack of votive holders each time I went so I could use a coupon every time.
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  • I definitely agree with Michael's--plus they have those 40% off coupons so that could save you some money. 

    It stinks that those coupons are usually only one 1 item but you can make numerous trips. I did that for the vases/jars for our candy buffet.
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