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Hey lady!  I just saw on FB that you'll be stopping in St. Louis on your way to Phoenix!  When are you going to be here?  I and a couple other Nesties live in St. Louis... maybe we could do a quick gtg while you're in town???

If you will be driving for 24 hours and only want to sleep, I totally get it.  :)  Just thought I'd throw out the offer!

Re: **Jamie/SimplyMistaken**

  • I would potentially love it!  I will have three cats in tow..so weather would make it a dependent..and I wil be driving for 12 hours..so maybe...?  lol.  I have no idea how I am going to feel!  The other thing is I a scheduled to arrive around 7PM but I don't know, if I hit traffic, etc it could be even later. 

    I guess I did not realize you lived there-I visited once in high school and LOVED it!! I wanted to move there for the longest time!
    At the top of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, AZ

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  • Aw, taking all the cats with you is a big deal!  I guess that's easier than 3 dogs though.  :)

    Trust me, my mood varies after long car rides, so I totally understand if you would just want to crash when you finally get here.  If you want, shoot me an email at kadefilio at gmail dot com.  I can give you my phone # and you can text me when you get in town and let me know how you feel.

    Even though it's long, I hope you have a fun roadtrip to your new home!
  • A STL gtg would be fun!  Even if just for a quick coffee or something :)
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