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Mexican food...

I am Mexican American and plan on serving Mexican food at my wedding reception. I could serve just beef and chicken fajita with rice and beans but what should I have as my appetizers? During the food hour there will be mariachis playing. Should I serve something else other than fajitas. Keep in mind it will be buffet. Also, what should I serve as alcohol. Im thinking about serving beer and of course champagne for toast. I was thinking about a margarita machine. How is this all sounding so far?

Re: Mexican food...

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    Hell yeah with the Margarita machine!!

    Maybe you could do bite sized taquitos, grilled chicken skewers with a white queso dipping sauce, and some sort of yummy quesadilla triangles as hors d'oeuvres? 
  • RebeccaB88RebeccaB88 Figment of Your Imagination member
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    Oh yeah, definitely margaritas!

     For apps... fancy mini quesadillas, ceviche, tiny flautas, guacamole, gourmet nachos, a salsa and queso bar, carne asada mini tacos, bite sized tamales...
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    It might be nice to have another entree.  I went to an event that had Mexican food and one of the entree options in the buffet was burritos--they were wrapped in foil and cut in half, and they looked nice and were easy to take and eat.  Fish tacos could also be good. 

    I like PP's suggestions for appetizers, especially guacamole.  A salsa bar with chips and guac sounds great.  I would also include something a little healthier like cut up veggies for people to snack on. 

    I like beer (are you thinking Mexican beer--that would be great) and margaritas, but you might also want to include wine for people who prefer it. 

  • SSaltzman87SSaltzman87 member
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    I do agree with having another entree, but so far your idea sounds awesome!
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    Mmmm love the different salsa idea.... for cocktail hour. And the mini appetizers. I agree with adding one more entree.
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    That sounds Yum...

    I think I am going to convince FI to go for Mexican food tonight...LOL
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    I would serve tamales as your other entree.  My favorites are black bean & corn with a cheese sauce.

    For appetizers, you could serve shrimp cocktails in mini shot glasses.  Mazatlan is known for their delicious shrimp!  :)  I also love the mini quesadilla idea.

    Margaritas = amazing.   

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