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Does everyone end up over budget?? 

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  • We did...big time, but we'll manage.
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  • so far no lol  btw what venues are you ladies having wedding at or looking at.  im moving to near atlanta beginning of year
  • Our wedding is at our church, officiant is a member and close friend. My FI is an Executive Chef @ a fine dining restaurant.... We are having the reception there, before normal business hours. Early wedding and reception, helped us tremendously with cost. 
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  • I haven't gone over budget, but the budget has changed (ok, gone up)! We're getting married at Ventanas. It's rooftop, floor to ceiling windows overlooking the skyline, centennial olympic park, the aquarium/world of coke, etc. We love it!
  • We had to readjust our budget when we decided that we didn't want a complete DIY-style wedding, but we've been very good at staying within the new parameters.

    As for venue, we're getting married a little north of Atlanta at the Conservatory at Waterstone - a cute building in the historic downtown area.
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  • As much as I tried not to....yes.  The best way to combat this is a long engagement so you can find the best deals and don't have your back against the wall for a purchase.  I had a relatively short one, so I had to "take what I could get" in some respects.
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