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Warning for all of you who are about to send out your invites!!!!

I am receiving RSVP's back and people are not understanding that M___________ is where you put your name. I am half jordanian and I tihkn the international crew just doesn't know! Be careful y'all. Number them or write everyones name in in advance in nice handwriting!!!!

Re: Warning for all of you who are about to send out your invites!!!!

  • Hey!  I am Jordanian also!!  Mabrook on your engagement!!
  • Some advice I received from a former bride told me to number the guest list and write the corresponding number very small in the bottom corner on the back of the RSVP card.  This way if someone doesn't write their name on the M____________________ or writes illegibly you can quickly match it back to the guest list to see who responded.

    I sent out my invitations last week, and this trick has already been a lifesaver with the responses that have come back so far.
  • To avoid this issue, we put:

    We have reserved (# of) seats in your honor.

    Names: __________________

    () Wouldn't miss it for the world!
    () We'll be toasting from afar.

    Reading this boards I was so paranoid that people wouldnt write their names on the RSVP's, but so far so good. Also per Knot advice we numbered the RSVPs in tiny numbers to correspond with our Excel spreadsheet...but then I was dumb and reformatted it and added rows so the numbers are useless lol. O well-hopefully we can figure it out based on where the RSVP was postmarked if we get any without names. :)
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