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FI can't dance to save his life lol!!

Well my FI can dance a lick I mean he has rhythm but when it comes to dancing it 's not his thing. We're going to takes lessons in April to prepare for our first dance but I can tell he is not looking forward to our first dance so hopefully these lessons will give him the confidence he needs to cut a rug with me lol
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Re: FI can't dance to save his life lol!!

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    My FI can't dance either, he is the true deffination of 'White & Nerdy' and having 0 dance skills comes with that. We are just going to wing our first dance. Since for the time being we are in two different countires, there will be no dance classes. I did suggest that at times when we are together that we do them for fun and he refuses. Dance classes come with baggage for him since his ex forced him into dance classes and he hated it and therefore it was an argument subject for them. I would rather avoid ex territory with that.
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    My FI can't dance either, but he likes "our song" because it is slow and he doesn't have to move much. lol
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    Yea I'm with you ladies. My FI has two left feet. Wierd thing is he's a drummer, a good one. But chile when he He gets it at first, but when he gets into it to much he forgets the beat. lol We may wing it or have Living room lessons. idk. Maybe ill convince  him to do lessons
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