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Hey everyone!!

I'm getting married October 13, 2013. I am sooo torn on what to do for colors! I love a purple either a royal purple or darker purple, with autumn colors (burnt orange, brown etc) or to do a deep red color with the oranges, yellows etc. Any opinions OR suggestions?! So torn! pix below of color ideas

We also thinking of doing centerpieces with fall leaves, candles, pumpkin etc. and a candy bar with candy corn, and other 'fall colored' candy. I think it's cute if I paint a pumpkin like a candy corn for decor too!

Re: Torn!

  • I like the first picture's colors.

    Sounds like you have a good idea in your head!


  • I think that the purple in the first pic is really pretty with the orange flowers.

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  • My date is also 10/13/13!  Our main color will be the dark purple.  The flowers are going to have the dark purple along with other fall colors.  The centerpieces will also have the same types of flowers and we will be using mini pumpkins as escort cards to bring in more fall.
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  • I am also getting married October 13th 2013, I am a blue person so I like the first picture. I am doing turquoise as my main color and having orange flowers. Try something like orange calla lily's that is what I am doing because I really like them. Good luck!
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