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Mini Bridezilla - BM issue (Kind of long)


Re: Mini Bridezilla - BM issue (Kind of long)

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    Fron what I read, kick the MOH out of it. If she is causing that much stress then she does not need to be there. Just because she is the Best Man's wife, does not mean she deserves that position.
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:9Discussion:d91d3435-1934-478c-8593-a93454987cf8Post:3307efc3-7bdb-4b5e-a1b2-58ead5a25d6d">Re: Flameworthy opinion</a>:
    [QUOTE]I'm sure it's becaue I'm not in the position that some of these ladies are in, but I just cannot imagine a time when I wouldn't be able to pick out at least 20 household items I could use. The notion of "having everything" is foreign to me because I can always come up with more crap I would like to have. Maybe I'm just incredibly materialistic.
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    I definitely agree with this.

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    congrats for getting rid of her!
    ps. if my partner was a GM and was txting the bride ALL THE TIME i would have an issue with that!
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