Plans for the week?

Re: Plans for the week?

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    Nothing exciting...last week of classes and studying for next weeks exams, lots of study groups.  Ohh well that's a lie I do have something exciting!! I get to do my first physcial exam on a REAL patient on Thursday...we've been dealing with real patients since the first week of classes, but it's just been asking about their medical, family and social I finally get to practice some skills on a non-medical student that doesn't know what's coming next and doesn't give you hints.

    Wedding planning is on hold until Dec. 18 at 5 p.m. (when I get out of my last exam)

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    Hm... nothing really wedding related this week (that'll start again in January with bridesmaid shopping!!).

    Just my usual Mon-Fri work week and on Wednesday my FI and I are having a date night since I haven't seen him since Thursday early evening (his schedule has been pretty opposite of mine this week due to his work). I'm pretty exciting-- we're going to go pick out our snowman Christmas ornaments for this year :) Our goal is to a have 2 Christmas trees in the future-- one regular and one with just snow man decorations!
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    WR: My completed wedding album is all ready (yay!), so I'm going over to my photographer's to pick it up this evening.  I might also write the last thank-you note I have tonight.  I've been putting it off because my little cousin knit me a scarf and I wanted to take a picture of me wearing it.  After those two and distributing the enlargements that I got, I think preserving my dress is the only WR thing left!

    NWR: Working on Christmas presents.  I'm all done shopping for them, but I have a couple more DIY gifts to finish.  I'm almost done with DH's new stocking and I'm loving the way it looks.
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    wedding related: sending deposit and contract for photographer. waiting for save the dates to come in the mail and then starting to address them.

    non-wedding related: working. hoping to spend some time with hubby-to-be, other than when we are working on the house. starting to prepare for a grant at work. hopefully making it to bangor to go christmas shopping.

    hope you all have a fabulous week!
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    WR- I really need to get the save the dates finalized and sent out after the holidays so I might work on that.  Wal Mart has some fall things on sale I would love to get and almost did today but figuared I would talk to FI about it before I got them.  I aslo need to make an appointment to go dress shopping and get that done with.

    NWR-Working, and attending my brothers hockey games! 
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