Illinois bride getting married in Georgia needs help with venues

Hey everyone!! I recently got engaged to the man of my dreams but now I am stuck with a few problems.  Since my fiancee is from Blue Ridge, GA we plan to have our wedding back there or at least in the area.  I need some input on venues that can host both the ceremony and reception outdoors.  We are having a July wedding hoping to have evening ceremony (5pm or 6pm)  Looking for a venue within 25-35 miles from Blue Ridge.  Thanks in advance!!!!

Re: Illinois bride getting married in Georgia needs help with venues

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    I just wanted to respond to this to explain why I think no one else has--- we have NO idea where Blue Ridge, GA is!

    I did look it up and it seems to be closer to Chattanooga than here. Maybe you could find a board with girls from there???

    Just wanted to let you know that we are very helpful girls, but (I'm guessing) most of us just don't know that area!

    Good luck with all your planning!

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    I'm getting married outside of Dahlonega, GA at a winery.  I looked at several up there and they are all beautiful and host both the ceremony and reception (Monteluce, Frogtown, Wolf Mountain)  There is also a place called Forest Hills that does both, and I had a friend get married there, it was really pretty too.  I think Dahlonega might be a little far away, but there are some pretty places!
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    Forrest Hills is a really great place with a lot of different options.  Also try Brasstown Valley, Neverland Farms, Frogtown, Wolf Mtn & Kingwood Resort.
    How many guests do you plan to have?  A lot of B&B and cabin rental places do weddings.
    Good Luck!
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    Thanks ladies for all the input!  Guest list is 110.  We are looking to have the ceremonty and reception outdoors at the same location.  Wedding is July 15, 2011.  Also might I add that we would prefer to serve southern bbq dinner. 
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    thanks ladies for all the feedback.  Guest list is 120.  ECOKER416: by chance would you know of the cabins that rent out space for weddings?  Thanks in advance

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    There are also some locations in Dawsonville, which is closer  to Blue Ridge than Dahlonega. Check out Forrest Hills and Peach Brandy Cottage.
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    You should also look at chota falls, Its in the mountains not sure how close to blue ridge it is but its gorgeous and has options for all types of weddings.
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