Lancaster wedding- share decor costs

I am getting married June 16, 2013 in Lancaster, PA.  I am getting married at the Lancaster Country Club, with 200 guests.  My colors are black, white and gold.  These colors can be mixed in with ANY colors you may already have.  My style in general is traditional with an ornate (or baroque) flair.

Maybe we can share costs?  I’m VERY open to suggestions, recommendations, etc.

I have reserved several rooms there, so I want them to have the same overall style, however, I need to create a certain ambiance per room so that it clearly defines the purpose for each.  It’s kind of like I’m having 5 separate little weddings.  Maybe you’re creating a wedding with similar ambiance, and we can share the costs?  For example:

Foyer:  Grand… With some type of huge focal point… a tree maybe?...

Oak room:  I want to create a warm, laid back atmosphere. Olde English men’s smoking den… large, heavy decor… clean lines, etc.  I may need table décor, linens, decorative barware, cigar rolling supplies.  The gift table: black, white, gold, possibly damask?   

Ceremony:  Romantic.  Classic but dramatic.  White tulle with lights… black/white runner… unity candle… large wedding arch or trees…

Ballroom:  Ornate, detailed, fancy.  The guests are going to be sitting for a while, so I want this room to be a little busy.  Chandeliers…  candelabras… gold mirrored trays… crystal candle sticks… gold frames… ornate, tall, dramatic centerpieces.  I’ll have approximately (20) five foot round tables.  Table linens in black, white, gold, damask.  Food station linens in the same colors.  Table numbers… table runners… ornate, gold frames… ornate cake stands, etc.

Club:  Bold and dramatic with clean lines.  More modern.  High top table linens… classic centerpieces… lighting…

Lounge:  Bold and dramatic with clean lines.  More modern.  Large couches… low tables… card games… checkers… entertainment that can be done socially, in a laid back manner…

Outdoor:  Romantic Coventry… topiaries… tulle… lights…

If you have something in your wedding that would fit any of these ideas, let me know!  I’m really open to suggestions.  We’ll go halve, and maybe even sell the things later!!

Re: Lancaster wedding- share decor costs

  • The company I work for has had several events at the LCC several times a year. I am very familiar with the place.
    I don't think you have to try to hard with decor in the LCC because each room has its own style. I think you need a common theme to tie the rooms together. Perhaps a Fleur De Lis or some type of damask design. The LCC kind of prides itself on the French feel to each room so just go with the rooms natural feel. I found that decor planning was easiest when I went to a fabric store and found a fabric that tied each of my colors together. I then tried to repeat this fabric style in my wedding decor not too much but to bring seperate elements together.
    You don't want it to look like you stepped into a different wedding in each room, while you can make them different, try to tie them all together with some type of design or monogram.

    The ideas you came up with each room sound lovely just bring it together with a common element.

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