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Soul Sister

OMG, it's driving me crazy!  If I hear Soul Sister one more time on the radio... I am going to shoot myself!

Please say I am not the only one sick of this song!?
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Re: Soul Sister

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    you're not. Theres a couple of songs that have been WAYY overplayed.
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    Agreed there... but I never liked it. lol.

    I am currently LOVING "Love like crazy" by Lee Brice, and I am not a country fan at all... but I love it!
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    Sigh....For some reason, songs usually don't get on my nerves.  I LOVED "Soul Sister" the first time I heard it, and it still makes me happy when it comes on the radio, even if it's like the 3rd time I've heard it that day :)  I also really like "Love like Crazy"....but I normally like country so that isn't that unusual.
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