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October 2011 Weddings

People with kids

H and I just got invited to his friend's daughter's first birthday party. I know nothing about children, so help me find a gift. What do one year olds need besides clothes? And what kind of toys are appropriate for a one year old?
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Re: People with kids

  • There are some leapfrog learning games and vtech learning games that are for one year olds.  It'll say on the box for the age.  You could get a baby doll called "my first baby" or something like that - I believe those are for one year olds.  You could get a toy that she could stand up with, since she's either learning to stand on her own or walking.
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  • My Goddaughter just turned 1 in September.  For Christmas, her favorite gift was a baby doll. 
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    Books. Any actual toys and you run the risk of severe annoyance for your parent friends. Have you heard some of those things?! Unless you know the kids *loves* cars, or Elmo, or princess jasmine or something. I would play it safe with books, the ones with the stiff cardboard pages. One year olds will destroy actual paper.
  • I don't have kids, but I agree with the books thing. That's what I always get for my friends' kids for their 1st birthdays. There's a really cute Cheerio play book -- it has indentations in the pages where the kids can put little pieces of cereal. That's always a crowd pleaser (link). I also sometimes get a book caddy for the books. They can put books or other small toys and pull it around. I'm a huge reader, so gifting books is kind of my "thing."
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    [QUOTE]Books. Any actual toys and you run the risk of severe annoyance for your parent friends. Have you heard some of those things?!
    Posted by Queen Jane[/QUOTE]

    Bahahaha. My sister and her friend had a small battle with singing toys. My sister got her friend's 4 year old a Diego singing backpack. The kid figured out how to "Diego bomb" his parents by starting the backpack to sing and running out of the room. So my niece got an equally obnoxious singing doll for her birthday as payback.

    I agree with the suggestions for a book or a doll. Pick a doll that comes with little to no extra pieces.
  • I agree Books, My daughter could never have enough books! My daughter also loved her dolls and stuffed animals, but like QJ said if you don't know of anything that she absolutly loves, then I would just stick to books.
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    We don't have kids, but we gave our friends daughter a felt bag of play food; this actually:

    There was a jinggle bell in the cabbage I think, which was her least favorite of the grouping (her favorite was the banana).  We also gave her some little cars that are shapped like safari animals.

    Apparently, she likes playing with those and the Marvel Superhero cars we gave her for Christmas together (Spiderman and "Fulk" (Hulk) will save the zebra and elephant a lot apparently).
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  • we got our friends' son the beads on wire thingies....they usually have them at the doctor's office....he loves it!!!  and his parents were thrilled (no noise and it is a great manipulation toy)

  • I love giving books to kids.
    My favorite for little ones is the series by Sandra Boynton which are all cardboard books.  The have great illustrations and are short to read to little ones.  I usually buy a bunch of them and put it into a nice little buckets with a small toy too.
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  • you might also want to consider a non-item gift. all my mommy friends have been saying that with xmas their houses are overrun with toys, books, etc. and it is stressing them out trying to deal with all the clutter/too many toys/mess.... so maybe you go for something that is more like an experience - gift card towards baby swim lessons for example. or maybe a savings bond, or something like that , for the future. just a thought.
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