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XP: NYE party at our house

We have discussed with a few of our friends getting together for NYE this year cause we never have in previous years, and since my FI and I are the only ones with a house that can really host enough people for a party, everyone has sort of assumed we could all get together here. 

I have no problem with this, but seeing as it's not just our decision to host a party and more of a group decision, is it fair to ask everyone to bring a dish or drinks? There's no way we can afford to pay for an entire party since we just had a big Halloween party and Christmas so we're trying to get back into saving mode for April. 

Is it rude to have a sort of potluck for the party? I know I'll get honest answers here and was wondering if this is appropriate, how to word it? We would just do a FB group invite since there's not enough time to send out paper invitations. TIA!
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Re: XP: NYE party at our house

  • Not rude at all!

    Potlucks are more fun, anyways.

    I would assign people designated meal-things, though. Someone brings the veggie, someone brings the cheese and crackers, a couple people bring desserts, etc.
  • Nope, not rude at all.  Just make sure you keep track of who is bringing what. 

    And in case you're wondering, I've been to plenty of BYOB New Year's Eve parties as well.  I can't even imagine footing the alcohol AND the food bill for all those people.  Ugh!
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  • This is not rude at all.  My group of friends go back and forth hosting the NYE party.  The people whose house its at make sure they have the party goods-paper plates, cups, napkins, forks, spoons and the decorations.  Also, the "host" usually orders a 6 foot sub.  Everyone else brings appetziers, snacks, and alcohol.  Go for it and enjoy the party!

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  • Nope not rude, FI and I do the same thing for our group get togethers. We provide the substantial food item (pizzas usually), sodas and juices, and paper plates and cups. Our facebook invites usually say something like "please bring your preferred booze and snack", our group is used to this and works out the specifics in the comments. 
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  • I don't think that is rude at all. Like PP's said, the host usually supplies the plates, napkins, etc. also they make the 'main dish'. If you do it via facebook have everyone post what they want to bring so it will be a variety of food.
  • Everyone else already said it, but no- not rude! Potlucks are a-ok as long as people know from the get-go that it's a potluck. The only time I found it rude was when someone said they were throwing their boyfriend a birthday party, invited everyone, and then 2 weeks before said- oh btw please bring a dish or a drink. Like wait... now it's a potluck? But anyway. Potluck party, not bad at all- actually both NYE parties I was invited to this year were potluck!
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  • How did the party go?  Was anyone upset about the potluck thing, or were they pretty much expecting it?  Either way, I hope you had a great time!
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