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We got our wedding bands from Zales, tux choices from Men's Warehouse!

I just finish addressing invites...( cramped)

Almost 4 months to go....EEEEK!

What has everyone else been up to?

Re: Checks!

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    I finally will be getting back to wedding planning!  I took the CFP exam (certified financial planner exam aka financial planner version of the boards)  this weekend.  I won't know if i passed for two months, but at least it is over!

    Now that it is over, I can get back into planning.  I am picking up our invites on Tuesday.  I used Talk, Paper Scissors out of manchester.  So far they have been great to work with.  I will probably do a post about them after i get the materials.  I will be working on assembly, which may take a little while.  I also have been looking at shoes and jewlery for me.  I think i may buy at the end of the week :)  I also have been browsing for potential bridesmaid gifts.  My major to-do of the next few weeks is to look for hair/makeup.  I have a friend who will be doing my hair, but i need someone for the bridal party and makeup, since there are 5 bridesmaids and possibly the moms.

    I am just about 5 months out.  Daisy, I love that you are a month ahead and being a castleton bride.  
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    Great checks.  I remember when I was 4 months away, it seemed like the wedding was never going to get here than all of a sudden I never had any time to do anything!!!

    Spree 0629 check out Renee Larsh for make-up.  She's great!!!!
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    Spree - Yes, it's awesome!! It's nice to have someone going through everything you are at pretty much the same time. :)

    I have to figure out my hair, too. It stinks because I'm getting married on a Sunday, and all the local salons are closed. : / I have to figure out if they'll make an acception or see if a friend can do my hair.

    Gifts are also next on my agenda. This one is a little stressful to me.
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    Great checks...congrats!
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