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Two Engagement Parties? Help!

My fiance and I aren't getting married until March of 2012, when we will both be done with college and such. Therefore, we would like to have an engagement party since our wedding date is so far off, and my sister has offered to host. We have tentativly decided on a cookout in May.

Anyways, my wedding guest list will be about 150 so I was thinking around 50 E-Party guests, just family and close friends. However, about half of our friends and family fall into a strict southern Baptist no drinking group, while the other half are okay with beer and wine, like me and my fiance.

That being said, do you think we should have two E-Parties? One with friends that's alcohol friendly (not a drunken rager, just some beer with the burgers and champagne for toasting) and another dry E-Party that's family oriented?

TIA for the advice!
March 3, 2012

Re: Two Engagement Parties? Help!

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    When it comes to engagement parties or ANY pre wedding event, they're thrown FOR you and not by you.  If sis can host only one, only one happens.

    I'm confused about the friends who don't drink.  Does that mean that they wouldn't even attend your wedding if they knew that alcohol would be there?  Or could they just not partake?
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    I don't think you need to two parties.  Have your sister throw the kind of party she is comfortable throwing and invite everyone you want to invite.  If there is alcohol served, the people who don't drink don't have to have any.  If they're uncomfortable, they can stop by and eat and then leave, that's their choice.  I don't think you need to have two parties though to accommodate everyone. 
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    It is mainly family who don't drink, and they would still attend the wedding, they just wouldn't partake in the drinking I guess. And you're right, I guess they could just do the same at the E-Party... I just don't want to make anyone uncomfortable.
    March 3, 2012
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    What will you do at your wedding?  Have two receptions?  You're not pouring beer down people's throats.  If they don't want to drink, they don't have to.  They're adults and they can make the decision about attending the party for themselves.

    But ditto Banana.  You don't throw an e-party, shower, or b-party for yourself.  If your sister is offering a party, that's lovely of her.  But it would be a large faux-pas to ask someone to host a second party.
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    I would spread the fact that there will be beer and wine there by word of mouth.

    Let you sister host what she is comfortable hosting. If she is comfortable buying alcohol, I would serve alcohol.
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    thanks ladies!
    March 3, 2012
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