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Rhodium Plating

When FI bought my e-ring, it came with one free rhodium plating from the jeweler.  I've had my ring almost a year (one year on Sunday) and it really didn't need to be replated yet.  However, since it wasn't from a chain jewelry store and I'm moving away next week I figured I would take advantage of the free plating before I left.  It does take a few days so keep that in mind, but it came back just as gorgeous as the day I got it.  I've had it shined up a few times over the last year, but the new plating truly did make a difference even though there wasn't that much wear and tear on my ring yet. 

I believe to get it done in the future (from that jeweler anyway) will cost about $25 each time.  I imagine that would be similar with most jewelers.  I think I will definitely get it plated right before the wedding again so it really shines in the photographs and looks its absolute best.

I know many of us have white gold e-rings, so I figured this might be some good advice.  I may even redo the plating every year or so just to take extra good care of my ring in the future.  I definitely think everyone with white gold rings should consider this.  If you don't want to get it replated, at least remember to get it cleaned and shined up for the big day Smile

Re: Rhodium Plating

  • Thank you for the advice! I had heard this before (and seen the wear on one) so I know it happens. I wouldn't have anything but a white gold ring...not a fan of the yellow gold.
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    Thanks for the advice!  My service plan for my ring includes free plating when I want it.  I actually sent it to be repaired because a stone was loose, and they plated it as well!  $25 is what I have heard quoted as well; of course, as metals change in value this may also go up.  Also, it is often estimated that about once per year is when your ring needs to be plated in order to keep up that brilliant white shine :)

    I will say this - I may not get it plated often after I'm married, because I actually do like the mildly yellow tinge of the actual white gold underneath the rhodium.  I just wanted white gold because I'm not a fan of bright yellow gold (nor does it look particularly good on me!).

    One thing to DEFINITELY keep in mind though - a professional cleaning and polishing can eliminate or at smooth most of the scratches on your ring, particularly if you're quite active with your hands like I am, but a plating is sometimes the only way to get rid of deeper scratches.
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  • I'm glad to hear from someone who's done it recently! I'm going to get mine redone before our engagement pics and then again before the wedding next year because those are the 2 times that I'll espcially wanting it to look it's best!

    Good luck on your move! Where are you moving to?

  • @kelsey - I'm moving to the Albany, NY area.  FI started his new job this week and I'm still looking for a job.  Fingers crossed.
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    I won't have that problem as i have yellow gold. My body & hands are fussy and they can't handle anything BUT yellow gold, it looks good on me though so i am ok. I can't wear silver jewlery at all of any kind of metal, white gold with plating gives me a rash. My skin is the utmost sensative.

    Great advice though :)
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  • Yes!  The lady told me this the last time I had to get my ring resized.  My re-plating is free but they take it for 2 weeks to do it.  She said to have it done about a month before the wedding.  It's on my to-do list!

    Great advice! Thanks!
  • Great advice! I had been wondering about this. Thanks!
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  • thanks for sharing.  i have to take my ring in every 6 months to be checked and cleaned (it's part of the lifetime warranty), but i hadn't thought about replating-what great advice!
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