Say Cheese Photo Booth?

I'm thinking about using Say Cheese Photo Booth company as 'entertainment' at my recception in October.  I was wondering if any one has used this company?  Also, the majority of our guests will be "older" and I'm not sure how much it will get used?  Should I splurge on something else?

Re: Say Cheese Photo Booth?

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    To be honest, if you think that it will hardly be used, it seems like a nonsensical splurge.  (sorry if that sounds harsh!).  Photobooths are totally awesome but the older crowd just doesn't really get into them that much.  I would splurge on a photographer instead (just my opinion!).  Some photographers will actually set up a backdrop and do photobooth style pictures for you at your reception & just add the price into the package you've already chosen.  Plus, the images look much better!  That way, you can still splurge but you won't waste a ton of money on something that won't be used that much.

    However, if you are dead set on a photobooth, then go for it!  It's your wedding & you can do what you want!  Laughing
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    I agree on splurging on something else. They're neat, but I don't know if they're $1000+ neat.
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    Snapshot Photo Booths is awesome; I've not heard of Say Cheese.  And ditto pp on splurging on something else.  A LOT of photogs are doing their own unboxed photo booths and it's really cool.  There's a photog out of Etown, Marnie something, who does it.  GL!
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    Thanks for the advice.  I'm thinking of using the photo strips in a scrapbook as my guestbook so people will be enticed to use it!  
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    Check out Showtime Photobooth. We used them for our wedding and loved them! Their rates are really reasonable (some of the best in town that I've found), you have the choice of traditional or open-air photobooth and you're able to either design your own graphic for the print outs (or they can help you design it).
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