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dress up a boring meeting room?


This is my reception room-- so boring!!!  But we are on a tight budget and it came cheap!  The site has 22 6x3 tables, 16 16 inch round tables, and 128 chairs. Any suggestions on how to make this room seem less like an office and more like a wedding reception? Without spending a fortune?

Re: dress up a boring meeting room?

  • I think lighting is the most effective way to take the "conference" out of a conference space. 

    First, I would ask your reception vendor whether they allow outside lighting vendors.  I would also ask to see whether those lights on the ceiling work on dimmer switches, so it is not so bright in there.  Then I would shop around for different uplight vendors to see what your prices are in your area.  You don't have to go crazy - - maybe even just uplighting in the four corners of the room?  Also, see if you DJ has dance floor lighting, as sometimes that is standard with their package.

    Lighting is definitely a luxury type item, but to me it was actually more important than flowers.  I cut my flower budget WAY back so we could do some simple uplighting, as I think it can really create a wedding atmosphere in a room.

    Good luck!
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  • I agree with SD210.  Decent lighting goes a reaaallllly long way. Once you find out if the space permits outside vendors, find out prices for uplighting the walls and skirt lighting (skirt lighting is lights placed underneath a table which illimunates the linen).  Beyond that, you should check out DIY wedding blogs for cool and cheap table/wall decor. It's amazing how much awesome and very pretty stuff is out there to make on your own, if your budget is tight :)

    Best of luck!
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  • Can the venue provide photos of other receptions that have been held there? You could see what works and what doesn't.

  • Can you do draping to cover up the walls? Make sure to ask- some venues don't like you touching the walls. I also think that a little lighting goes a long way. Try to get those lights on dimmers, or see about investing in a lighting vendor, or DIYing it with cute cheap lamps and candles.
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  • I agree with the PP's. ask the venue about lighting options.
  • Potted trees with fairy lights (the small Christmas ones) can help create a more intimate feel, if you can dim the overhead lights.  Can you use real candles?  They help a lot with both soft lighting and atmosphere, and are inexpensive. 
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