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To hire or not to hire? Day-of wedding planner

What's the experience on this? I saw Manette Gracie's blog and thought she looked great, but can't one of your friends be the designated "decorator" and the one who herds everyone to the right places at the right time?
What did YOUR day-of wedding planner do for you that helped you out tremendously?
I would love to have a day of wedding planner, just not sure if it's worth it...

Re: To hire or not to hire? Day-of wedding planner

  • jennlinjennlin member
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    DOC's are 100% worth it.

    you don't want your friends missing out on your wedding so that they can "setup" for you...

    my DOC's lined my aisle with rose petals, then cleaned them up in the end! they sewed on a button my when my H popped one on his tux, they put chair covers and sashes on all 200 chairs at the reception, they set up centerpieces, they kept a timeline, they told me which presents went into whos car at the end of the night, they brought me food, they cleaned up all the tables at the end of the night so that we can continue to party... the list goes on...

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    Totally worth it. In the grand scheme, when the whole point is to be having a party with your friends - do you want your friends to be busy working instead of partying? My whole thing is that I want all of the people close to me to be able to relax and have fun with me. The thing is that all of the people you're close enough to to ask them to go do stuff, are the people you want to be there for the whole thing. Like if you cake never shows, you don't want to send your mom to go get cakes or pies or whatever during the ceremony. With a DOC - s/he could totally go do that.

    If you need further confirmation, every photographer I've spoken with has said that weddings with DOCs went smoother and were more relaxed. I think it's worth it to know that on the day of, people won't be peppering me with questions. I'll be able to just say "Everyone, this is Erin. She has all the answers!" And, for another example, when Grandpa is ready to go home, I'll have him tell her and have her arrange a cab for him and let us know so we can tell him goodnight. (He likes to go to bed early and isn't much on night driving - this way he gets to go home when he's ready and no one has to leave before they are).

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    I think it is totally worth it. I wasn't going to hire one but everyone who doesn't use one, always complains how horribly things went with their family and friends doing it.

    I am hiring Manette Gracie. She seems wonderful and she is the cheapest around! Meet with you. You could tell her I recommended her also!
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    that was supposed to say, "meet with her" oops!
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  • amandaswamandasw member
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    I didn't hire one and did have a friend do it - she really wanted to be involved and it fit her personality really well (her mom was also the florist, so that kinda worked).  That said, not just ANY friend or family member can handle this job.  It felt great to have someone close to me there in charge of everything and not a single thing went wrong.  She is both calm/relaxed and has great organizational/leadership skills (by the time we started college she was a manager for the flagship Eddie Bauer).  I also was on top of everything before hand and had written out lists for EVERYTHING.  Even if you hire someone, do this.  Regardless of what you do, no one will care as much (or think of all the details) about your wedding as you and your FI, so communicate what you want.

    *Side note: we hired Bamboo Beats as our DJ and it's a couple, so it includes a reception coordinator basically.  So in that sense, my friend and her mom did everything leading up to the reception, but nothing after that.*
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    I am using a friend of one of my bridesmaids who has planned several weddings and is going to use my wedding to build her portfolio. So, it's not someone I'm technically *hiring* but someone who has experience.

    I can't imagine not having a DOC. I want as little stress as possible that day and want to let someone else worry about all the logistics. IMO, it's necessary to hire one. Let your friends come and enjoy the day with you.
  • jennuinnejennuinne member
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    I didn't and it was my biggest regret.  Do it.  We did have Bamboo Beats and JoJo was great keeping the reception running smoothly.  But a million things that my family voluteered to do either got left out b/c they were so busy, forgotten, or got done but meant my fam was rushing around and stressed out rather than sitting back and relaxing.  Hire one, hire a good one and spend money on a DOC!!!
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    I was on the fence in the beginning but after reading a ton of feedback from fellow Knotties, hired one and my DOC was a lifesaver!  There are SO many little details, rules, etc to follow and after a while, I was sick of trying to decide on stuff, research best options, etc and started asking my planner and oh wow, did she save my sanity!!!!  Plus I wanted our guests to be able to enjoy being guests and I needed someone as a "buffer" between my family and I besides my BMs (who 2 of ended having their hands full being my buffer with my 3rd BM for me).
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  • janettranjanettran member
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    Totally worth it!  My planner saved me more money then her fee was.  She got a discount on all my rentals plus I had the benefits of a top notch planner.  I used An Elegant Affair in Seattle.  www.aboutanelegantaffair.com .  Was the best decision I made.
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    Yes, definitely.  You don't want your friends or family working on the day.  It's worth it!
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    150% worth it! its your wedding!!!!

    You planned and planned for this day and the last thing you should be doing is plannin and stressing the day or your wedding!! Thats what a DOC is for!!! I would paymy DOC twice over just cause she was so extremely helpful and amazing! we had a large wedding party and everyone felt comfortable enough to talk to her and ask her for help.... do it for yourself so you can actually enjoy your wedding and enjoy all the planning you did for that day.
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