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New York-Hudson Valley

Inn at Central Valley - need input please....

Hi Ladies,

I came home this past weekend from Seattle and saw a few different venues and was really suprised/happy with the Inn at Central Valley.  Before booking I was really hoping to get your opinions/feedback....has anyone had or attended a wedding there?  What did you think?  As always, thanks so much!

Re: Inn at Central Valley - need input please....

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    I haven't been to a wedding there but I know they use InnCredible Caterers which is the same caterer as Patriot Hills, where I am getting married. The food is amazing!
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    my friends wedding was there and it was great - food was wonderful and the grounds were very pretty. She had no complaints at all
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    We were married at Patriot Hills which is the same caterers and we had a wonderful experience with them.  Everything was perfect.
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    When I was looking for venues I looked there and the manager there (some man) was very rude to me. I told him we wanted to Millenium Package and he told me that it was stupid and my ideas were lame. I was totally unimpressed with his unprofessional behavior. We really wanted to have our reception there, but after that--there was no way I would have. I know lots of people have thier weddings there and everything is great, he left a bad taste in my mouth though.
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    Thanks for all the feedback : )
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    Hi Kellie - wondering if you made your decision? I was at the Inn at Central Valley today and i was also surprised/pleased. Seems like the updates are going to be pretty nice.  Where else did you look? Does anyone know what's the difference btwn the Inn and Patriot Hills? Are they similiar price-wise?
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    Hi there,

    We have been having a few issues dealing with the wedding planner at the inn at central valley.  She is very short with us on the phone and not willing to answer our questions without rushing us or telling us to look in the booklet she sent us (which was missing pages).  We are planning the wedding from Seattle so this is really turning us off of the place. 

    Other issues - for Saturday evening weddings you have to have a minimum of 150 guests and there is only an hour turnaround time since the afternoon weddings end at 5 and evening weddings start at 6pm.  We are now thinking of doing a Friday wedding there but may just forget it if the lady we are dealing with isn't more helpful.....let me know how things turn out for you. Good Luck!!
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