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Outdoor Weddings & Veils

If you had an outdoor wedding, did you wear a veil?  If you did, what kind & length?  And did it blow around in anyone's face?

Re: Outdoor Weddings & Veils

  • I think regardless of the size of the veil (unless you go with birdcage), the wind is a reality you'll have to accept if you have an outdoor wedding.  Trying to recall, but I think I've only seen one veil (birdcage) in the many outdoor weddings I've seen.  Anything really long is going to catch on the ground, and I imagine most brides wanted to avoid the problem of having it blow in their faces.



  • I did. Mine was about to my fingertips. I didn't have any issues with it blowing in my face because I kept it behind my shoulders, but it also wasn't very windy on our wedding day. It also didn't blow in anyone else's face because of said lack of wind.

    Professor is right though, it isn't really something you can plan 100% for because you just don't know what the weather will be like. Honestly, it isn't something I thought about at all (and I'm glad I didn't, because like you, I would have been worrying about it). If you want to wear a veil I would just suggest buying one with the thought that if it's super windy you might opt not to wear it the day of.
  • I wore an elbow length veil. I had no problems but I don't remember it being windy. It never occurred to me not to wear one.
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