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FI and I are moving into our own place in a few weeks.  We'd like to furnish it but don't have a lot of money to spend.  We're looking at some IKEA tables and other things.  Does anyone have any experience with IKEA products (quality, durability etc)  We don't need things that last for ever but we don't want junk that will break in 6 months either.  Ideally they need to last us until at least after the wedding. 
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    Our entire condo is furnished from IKEA. Bed, dressers, couch, chair, TV table, coffee table, shelves, computer desks, etc. It is cost effective and good quality if you get the mid priced selections. I love IKEA.

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  • I will caution you to go with the more expnsive sofa, though. Ours is the Ektorp and its a bit harsh. After almost 2 years I've gotten comfortable on it, but it could be a bit more plush. On the other hand, it was cheap and small enough to fit in our living room. 
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  • I can do some major damage in IKEA. While DH and I dont have much from them (never have room to transport big things) what we do have, we LOVE and it's very cost effective (just be aware that you'll be assembling most items).

    An old friend had his apartment furnished with it all IKEA stuff and he too loved it!

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  • I'm sure it will take you like 1/2 the day in there.. it always takes me wayy too long in there!

    I'm with the other girl, look at target first. We have most of our stuff from target, I think its higher quality & a bit cheaper. I've had my kitchen table for like 5 years now.. still looks good. Try garden ridge--If they have those near you.

    Good Luck
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: NWR: IKEA</a>:
    [QUOTE]IKEA sells furniture that is meant to be temporary.  The idea is that you will eventually want to change it, so why spend a fortune?  The "wood" furniture is actually particle board covered with veneer.  It will look fine for a few years, but will never be a family heirloom. When I was a young bride, I went to garage sales like crazy, and bought end tables and chests in need of refinishing.  Thirty years later, I still have the stuff, only now it is considered to be antique.  Somehow we never found the money to go furniture shopping at Ethan Allen, the way I had always dreamed.  I'm glad I didn't buy cheap stuff.  I would still be stuck with it.  My solid cherry dining set, complete with dings and "love marks" is something I am now quite proud to use.  I bought it at a garage sale when somebody's Grandma died for $200.
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    This is really another great way to go if you're okay with searching a little. Also, auction houses are AMAZING (at least here they are). I've seen things go for dirt cheap that would normally cost thousands.  Our area also has 'Model Home Aucitons' which they take out the staged furniture and auction it off.

    I still love IKEA though, but maybe its more of the housewares and accessories that I love so much Lol.
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  • I have been very happy with all of my IKEA purchases - no issues in the 3-7 years I've owned the stuff! 

    I have a kitchen table and chairs, lamps, bed, dressers, and night stand.  Oh, and a patio set too!
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  • I'm not a huge fan of IKEA personally because I don't love their style, but most of my friends and my sister LOVES IKEA stuff.  It is definitely  not top of the line, but I guess it is not bad considering how cheap it is.  My DH furnished his college apartment there and the stuff was okay, but we slowly replaced it when we moved in together.

    I agree with PP, check out Target.   I like their styles way better and they have similar price range. 

    The only caution I have is for IKEA couches.  I've heard from multiple people that they are pretty crappy and wear out fast.  I got my first couch from Bob's Discount Furniture (is that a MA place?) and it was $500 and it is great, even 5 years later.
  • Half the stuff in my apartment is from IKEA, the other half is stuff we got off Craigslist.  We got a really nice solid wood entertainment center and a TV that fits perfectly into it from two separate people for $50 each, both have held up really well in the year and change we've had them.  We're not planning on taking any of it with us when we move, though, it's not worth it.  We'll just sell it all and donate anything that's still left, then buy all new stuff out in KC.
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