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My MOH asked me for a list of people I want to be at the bach party because she lives out of town and doesn't know who my friends are, etc.  i feel like it would be rude to invite people to the bach party that arent invited to the wedding.  unfortunately, with a super small wedding, i cant afford to invite all my friends.  is it out of the question to invite them to the bachelorette party?
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    Yes, you need to invite everyone to the wedding who you are inviting to the bachelorette party. Sorry, that's what happens with a small wedding. You can have a post-wedding get together with those friends, though.
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    PLEASE - only invite people to the bachelorette party that are invited to the wedding.  It is very poor taste to do otherwise.  I am only inviting my closest friends to the wedding and therefore am having a small group for the bachelorette party, but I'm perfectly happy with that :)

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    Yes, my BM had this experience..she was invited to a pre wedding party I can't remember if it was a shower or bach party but not invited to the wedding..she felt so bad she couldn't make the shower but when she didn't get an invite to the wedding she was way more mad than guilty!  And this was a to her close friend--but not anymore it was prretty much a friendship ending decision. If you want to keep your current friendships keep the bach party to BMs and sisters/sister-in-laws.  No friends will come to mine who aren't in the wedding all others will be close family! But all wil have an invite to the wedding!
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    What is weird is that I think you shouldn't be invited t oa bachelorette party unless you are invited to a wedding but it is different for my FI.  He and some of his friends have been invited to bachelor parties where they weren't invited to wedding.  They were friends of a friend, or the guest list was small, or just started to be friends with this guy.  Anyways, guys embrace it and in general just love to go to bachelor parties.  It never mattered to any of them.  Weird? 

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