Getting married in our yard in Kenora, ON


We are getting married September 9, 2011 in our own backyard. Just a small wedding with 12 guests. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for improving our yard and maybe some nice (inexpensive) decorations. We live in Zone 3, if that helps anyone and there are huge trees so it's almost all shade. 

We were thinking of having the ceremony face south (yes, we are taking the dog fence on the garden shed down!) I haven't really settled on a colour yet, so that's pretty open. We are also having the reception here (thinking we could have the tent set up on the parking pad and the men could just move it to the grass after the ceremony and set up the tables and chairs.

The house is on the east side of the yard, the tree and garden shed are to the south and the garage is on the west side.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

Re: Getting married in our yard in Kenora, ON

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    I'm picturing you coming out of the house from that white (basement?) door, walking down that path and then turning left to walk down the aisle towards the tree. Then you could have the ceremony under the tree.

    Are you having a full dinner reception? How about a single long table? The two of you could sit at one end with everyone else along the table. Perhaps have the table set up closer to the house & garden shed. You could always just have the table set up ahead of time and move the chairs from the ceremony to the table. There does appear to be a little bit of a slope though, so I'm not sure what the best way to set up a table would be...

    The advantage of long tables is that they're easy to decorate with small, low vases from the dollar store and just a couple of blooms. Pomanders are also easy to make and can be hung off chairs, hooks and tree branches. I also went to an outdoor wedding recently, and there were some nice floral decorations in galvanized pails - kind of rustic but very pretty. There's lots of inspiration for outdoor wedding decor on the web!

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    Thanks, that's how I pictured it, coming out the white door turning left and getting married under the tree. I was thinking of building a garden archway (I'm handy that way) and hanging strings of flowers from it was well to provide a bit of a focal point.

    Sadly, most of the foliage you see in the phots are weeds. We just moved in this spring and I thought I would see what was already there. Not much. So I need some ideas on maybe ground cover or ornamental grasses or something.

    Also, what's the nicest way to make sure my neighbors aren't going to plan any big noisy contructions projects for that day?

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    Wow, that is so cute! My friend actually just had a backyard wedding last month, they rented a marquee with a dancefloor. You can see some pics here for inspiration:
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    Congratulations.  I grew up in that area.
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