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Stressng Out

So a crazy past couple of days.... it all started on Sunday when me and my sister got in a huge fight! Well FI and I rent our house from her so we said we were gonna move out. We ended up finding a house and gettng it but the problem is it is our rent is going up over $350 per month and we have to come up with $1750  for the deposit. They are giving us till February to pay it, so thats good! But so much for our wedding budget since we are paying for it ourselves with no help from anyone! Dont get me wrong though I absolutley love the new house and they said in a few years if we wanted to buy t they would work a deal with us! So I am excited about that. Just the extra money stresses me out!

And then to top it all off our AHR was supposed to be at my sisters house... so now I dont know what we are gonna do. I really want to celebrate this tme with everyone we love. Weddings are sooooo stressful!

Thanks for reading... I just needed to vent somewhere!!!!
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Re: Stressng Out

  • Sorry you are going through all this stress! I feel you!  Your wedding is still 8 months away, do you think that you and your sister will make amends before then?  I don't know how close you are, but hopefully this one fight won't cause a permanent rift in your relationship.  Maybe after things cool off you two can sit down and chat and resolve your issues. I'm sorry, I don't know what other advice to give!

    Thank goodness you have some time to save up and pay that deposit for the new place!

  • I'm sure we will be made up by then, however FI doesn't want anythng from them. So not sure how he will feel by then. But I know it will eventually work itself out. But it just stresses me out thinking about it now.
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  • Tiff- I'm sorry you're going through this right now. I really hope things work out for you with your sister and AHR.

    PS- I LOVE the pictures you posted of your new house on FB! It looks adorable!!
  • The new house looks really cute!!  Congrats on it but sorry it was brought on by so much stress between you & your sister...  Hopefully you'll work things out and if you or FI still don't want to have the AHR at her place, I hope you're able to find an alternate solution...
  • Sorry you are going through all of this right now, but sounds like there is a silver guys found a great new house, with the option to buy in a few years, that's awesome!  Hopefully you and your sister can patch things up in a little bit.  You still have some time to sort out the AHR venue...something will come up!
  • Thanks girls!!!!! I am really excited to move in just was a little stressed. I know it will all work out
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