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Music HELPPP!!!!!

So I am in a pickle. We just confirmed the ceremony venue which is the church I went to as a kid. The Pastor knows me and all so everything is cool, but he wants pretty  much ALL Christian music. The Recessional song is not Christian, but I think he should be okay with that, its "All Dressed Up in Love" from Jennifer Hudson. There are 2 Processional songs: "I Found Love" BeBe and CeCe Winans and that is fine, but the 2nd song I picked, "Kissing You" which is the love theme from the Romeo + Juliet movie and its not Christian, he is very old school and he already said to me, "You know you want a nice Christian wedding" so he might not go with the 2nd song.

I need a good 2nd song which is what I will walk into on. It needs to be Christian and I want somethnig kind of slow and romantic...any suggestions?
"Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours"
Janae & Olivier


Re: Music HELPPP!!!!!

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