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December 2010 Weddings


Happy Halloween ladies!

I will be trick-or-treating with my BM and her daughter who is one of my FGs.  She's going as a butterfly, and I, of course, am going as BRIDEZILLA!! HA!

I will try not to eat a lot of candy, but I can't make promises.  I worked out yesterday, so that's got to count for something.

I <3 Halloween.  OMG!...Then tomorrow it's 'STRESS-VEMBER!!!'  Now that's scary.


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  • portia I love that you're using "stress-vember" Have fun with your BM and her daughter... I'm  handing out candy at my mom's house with my 11 year old brother. This is his first non-trick-or-treating year.
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  • We had our Halloween party last night (I'll post pics when I can). I was Elizabeth of Bathory, and FI went as The Crow. It was fun! Buuut, I realized driving home that I forgot to get candy... The last couple of years there haven't been any kids, so I'm hoping that keeps up, for now at least.
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  • I had a 2 hour Halloween party last night, showed up late cuz I had a bunch of work. I was Raggedy Anne and FI was something with a hood and cape. I will post once my friend posts to her page :).

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  • NOOOO Stree-vember! Keep it cool.

    Happy Halloween :o)
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  • Happy halloween! We are skipping it this year and going to have date night.

    We did go to the doggy Halloween competition this morning though!
  • haha. no big Halloween plans for me. I didn't get any candy, but I might grab a bag when I run out to pick up some WR crap. I am totally jumping on the Stress-vember wagon!

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  • it's stress-vember here already!  We don't really 'do' halloween here - it's seen as a commercial American holiday.  Sorry.

    I hope you've all had a fabulous time - I'd like to see some piccies of your costumes!
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