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Cupcakes vs Traditional Cake...

I'm on a budget (like many of you)...so I was trying to figure out what to do with the cake.  My sister makes amazing cupcakes (but of course she is my matron of honor, so that's a small obstacle...like who is supposed to set up the display?)

I'm wondering about how many people use cupcakes...and if so, do you have pictures showing how they were displayed?  Do you plan for 1 cupcake per guest?  Or should the plan be for 2?  (we're only looking for 100-150 people)

thanks for your help!

Re: Cupcakes vs Traditional Cake...

  • I'm not having cupcakes but I did think about it because of the price.  But if you bring it, you're most likely to be the one to be responsible for sittng it up. Unless, your caterer would help out? So you may have to resort to a family member or friend that would like to help out. 

    I would do around 125-175 cupcakes big cupcakes.  Are they the bigger cupcakes or the smaller, normal sized cupcakes?  If they are smaller, people will probably want two. 
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