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Average cost for a DJ -

Help -- I am building my budget for a September 2011 wedding and have no clue how much a DJ would run me.   Does anyone have any rough estimates for a DJ?

1 hour for the ceremony
1 hour for cocktails
4 hours dinner/dancing

Thank you!!

Re: Average cost for a DJ -

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    You should post this on your local board (over on the left hand links).  This board is international.  You'll get more accurate advice on your local board.

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    PP is right! But for 5 hours our DJ is $400. He really cut us a great deal! Really depends where you live.
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    I posted on the New Hampshire board - thanks for the recommendation.  I didn't realize this board was an international board. 

    Thanks very much! 
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    Yes definitely post this on your local board, considering pricing varies depending upon where you live!!

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